Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Visitor dig up a diamond more than 2 carats in an American park

Josh Lanik picked up a diamond while on vacation with his family at Crater of Diamonds Park (Murfreesboro, Arkansas, USA) and was able to keep the stone in accordance with the policy of this place.

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Recently, Josh Lanik (American) found a diamond in a park in the state of Arkansas. The 36-year-old male teacher shared in the park's press release on July 29 that: “There is obviously something very special about it. I saw the glittering light, when I picked it up and observed it in my hand, I saw the stone without any sharp edges.

He showed the stone to his wife and put it in his pocket and other pieces of stone. His family spent more than two hours searching for gems in the diamond digging area of Crater of Diamonds Park on 24 July. Before leaving, they visited the Diamond Discovery Center in the park to see what they had dug.
Josh Lanik (American)
The lucky visitor digs up a diamond weighing more than 2 carats. Photo: CNN.
Lanik did not know that he had found the largest diamond in the park until July this year. According to measurements, the stone weighs 2.12 carats.

Park representative, Mr. Waymon Cox, said: “Lanik's stone is about the size of a bean, with a dark brown color like brandy color. It has a beautiful natural pear shape, smooth surface with unique metallic luster.
The diamond that Josh Lanik dug out.
The diamond is dark brown. Photo: CNN.
This park has a policy of "finding it owned," which means visitors who come to dig a gem in the designated area own what they find. More than 75,000 diamonds were dug up here since the first one was discovered in 1906. This year, visitors found 196 diamonds, reaching a total weight of 53.94 carats.

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