Cities should come when traveling to Japan in the fall

The ancient capital of Kyoto, the capital of Tokyo, Gifu or Nikko are tourist cities that can visit to see the autumn of Japan.

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Japanese autumn has long been famous for its romantic red maple forest, clear weather and unique delicacies or fanciful Onsen baths. Travel in Japan in the autumn of 2019 besides the traditional destinations there are also new things waiting for visitors to explore. Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful landmarks in the autumn that should not miss when coming to Japan.

Kyoto ancient capital

If this is the first trip to Japan, you and your family should visit big cities. The ancient capital of Kyoto with ancient temples and monasteries is the ideal place to admire the autumn landscape in Japan. Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Eikan-do  Zenrin-ji Zen Monastery or Nanzen-ji Temple, is surrounded by nostalgic and beautiful red leaves.

Nanzen-ji.e Temple.
Nanzen-ji.e Temple. Photo: Photolibrary.

Tokyo Capital 

If visiting Tokyo, you can participate in many outdoor activities because of the cool and pleasant weather in the fall. Stroll in Yoyogi Park - Tokyo's "green heart", visit countless interesting plants in Shinjuku Gyoen, or walk in the Rikigu-en garden - Japanese garden works from the Edo period are activities to be impossible to skip when coming to Tokyo in red leaf season.

Takayama - Gifu

If you are too familiar with Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka, you can visit Gifu. Gifu Prefecture is located in the Tokai sub-region, Chūbu region, the central location of Japan. The administrative center is Gifu City. Coming here on November 9, 10 will be right at the Autumn Takayama Festival - one of Japan's three largest Yatai procession festivals. Participating in the festival, visitors will enjoy Japanese traditional music and the parade of hundreds of people in colorful kimono costumes or traditional costumes like Samurai often wearing which makes the whole city resurrected in space of Edo period.
Shirakawa-go Village.
Shirakawa-go Village. Photo: Photolibrary.
Along Gifu Prefecture, from Takayama tourists can combine visiting the Shirakawa-go fairy village. Autumn here is dreaming with ripe yellow rice fields surrounded by brilliant autumn leaves. In the village there are more than 100 houses built hundreds of years ago with a steep roof without a fixed nail, the roofs shaped like two hands are joined in Gassho-zukuri architectural style.


Around Tokyo, in autumn, if you want to see red leaves and want to enjoy the hot springs, Nikko is the destination for you. This place is famous for the cultural heritage complexes of 2 temples and 1 pagoda including Nikko Toshogu, Nikko Futarasan, and Rinno-ji. There is also the Shinkyo Bridge, which passes through the ravine chosen by many magazines as one of the most beautiful autumn paintings in Japan.
Edo Wonderland theme park
Edo Wonderland theme park. Photo: Nikko City Tourism Association.
Along the path to the city of Nikko, there are many hot spring resorts, but the most famous is the Kinugawa onsen area. This hot spring village has a lot of inns and outdoor baths for tourists that both take therapy and enjoy the autumn landscape.

Besides, theme parks are also interesting destinations at Nikko. Edo Wonderland is a park that recreates the life of Japanese people during the Edo period. Visitors can transform into a citizen of the Edo period and experience typical dishes, costumes, performing arts and entertainment of this period. Fun activities here both help you understand more about a brilliant period in Japanese history and unforgettable memories with family and friends.

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