Experiences should try in the 'pink city' of France

Walking on cobblestone streets, sipping coffee in a small roadside restaurant ... is the favor experience of many tourists visiting Toulouse.

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Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France, located on the banks of the Garonne River, about 150 km from the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for many houses made of red terracotta (Roman bricks). So the city also has another name "La Ville rose" or a pink city.
Toulouse still maintains many buildings built with Roman bricks.
Toulouse still maintains many buildings built with Roman bricks. Photo: VOF.
One of the destinations attracting visitors who love the city's art is the Musée des Augustins Fine Arts Museum. In addition to hundreds of modern artworks created in the 20th century, there are also works from the Roman and Renaissance periods. Right next to the museum is the Augustins monastery, where visitors can take photos of "virtual living". Opening time of the museum is 10 am to 6 pm, from Wednesday to Monday.

The second place you should not miss is the oldest St Aubin church in the city. St Aubin is famous for being built unlike classical architecture, without a bell tower and dome.

Visitors who love tranquility can visit the Japanese garden. Here, you can walk, breathe fresh air with the scent of flowers grown in the garden, watch the moon bridge ... The garden has many animals like turtles, frogs, birds and koi fish. Opening hours from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm on weekdays.

Ending a day of sightseeing by going to the Theater du Capitole that many tourists rated is an ideal suggestion. The theater usually performs ballet or musical performances, opera. Space here is not too big but it is designed elegantly, the seats are spacious and sound is good. Opening hours from 10 am to 13h and from 2h to 5h45.

To Toulouse, you should not miss Cassoulet, made from white beans and duck meat or other famous dishes such as roasted chicken, grilled beef, French-flavored fried dishes ... Some famous restaurants in Toulouse: Les Caves de la Maréchale, Michel Sarran, Aux Saveurs des Paradoux (which sells local specialties).

You can also try a meal on the boat along the Midi Canal, cycle around the park, have afternoon tea in small cafes. Walking on the stone-paved streets is also an interesting experience when visiting this city.

Guests can comfortably move around the city by public transport such as buses, subways ...
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