Fall destinations not to be missed

Japan, Korea or Hanoi, Sa Pa ... give you and your family unforgettable fall moments.

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Japan in autumn.
Many tourists said that they enjoyed welcoming and admiring the changing scenery of Japan. Parks, botanical gardens in Tokyo, Tofukuji temple, Kiyomizu pagoda (Kyoto); or Fuji Mount, Osaka has many beautiful trees during the changing season, creating a captivating autumn scenery.

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Nami Island at fall
If you are a Korean film enthusiast, you cannot miss the chance to travel to Nami Island at fall. The red color of maple leaves and the yellow of the almond tree make the space warmer. The central road with many beautiful trees is one of the most popular areas on this island.
Autumn in Beijing (China)
Autumn in Beijing (China) has a very unique feature with rows of yellow ginkgo trees. Throughout the city, shaded by rows of yellow leaves and ancient architectural works, creating a charming fall picture.
Autumn in Prague.
Referring to Europe, besides Paris, Milan, Zurich or some other famous cities, you can spend some time to visit Prague  - the capital of the Czech Republic. Under the honey pouring liked sunlight, the intact city in Europe will be a destination that attracts attention and leaves an impression in the hearts of visitors from near and far.
Hanoi autumn.
Each autumn wind, yellow celtis, red-leaved terminalia, old streets, old houses, brown-tiled roofs ... are very typical images of Hanoi autumn.
Sapa in autumn.
The colorful autumn days in Sa Pa with 2 main colors of green-yellow of each rice field attracts travelers. The endless "golden waves sea" flitting with the wind, the breathtaking mountain pass, and the unique culture - cuisine of the Tay, Nung, Mong ethics... will make an unforgettable autumn journey for you.
Southwest region, Vietnam.
Autumn is also the time when the water overflows in the Southwest region. And now, the beauty of the flooded melaleuca forests in Tra Su, Gao Giong or Tram Chim has revealed all its inherent beauty. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into nature, weave along the dinghy, crouch between the immense Melaleuca forest.

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