Fall in America's 'intellectual capital'

Boston is a city with a long history, famous for international students by many leading universities in the United States. 

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts
Fall begins when the leaves turn yellow and the air lessens the sweltering heat. Anyone who comes to the city of Boston, the capital of Massachusetts in the early days of autumn, will be captivated in a lively picture of the landscape.

Walking around the streets in the city center, visitors will find red brick houses immersed in colorful scenery from yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, green leaves.
Fall in Massachusetts
Boston has long been dubbed the "intellectual capital" of the United States, by attracting many international students. The prestigious schools in the Boston metropolitan area including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University or Brandeis University.

About 5 km from Boston downtown, Harvard University with history formed nearly 400 years is a place not to be missed for watching autumn. Between the ancient buildings are small walkways, the two sides are old trees with enough shades of leaves.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
If Harvard characteristics is a antique space, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is known for its modern architecture. Large campus with student housing, many playgrounds, gardens and public art works. You will admire some of the surrealist architecture.
Constitutional Court, Boston downtown.
One of America's most important buildings is the Constitutional Court, located in Boston downtown. Built in 1713, it is now a museum, storing many valuable historical artifacts such as the red velvet suit that former Massachusetts Governor John Hancock wore when sworn in, a gun and drum from some old battles ...
Beacon Hill, one of Boston's most beautiful neighborhoods
Fall beauty is also located in Beacon Hill, one of Boston's most beautiful neighborhoods. It is built in a Federal style with adjacent tube houses connected by a gentle, pebble road.
Quincy market.
Don't forget to enjoy European and Asian dishes and local specialties at Quincy market. Here also sells leather products, glass, souvenirs often purchased by tourists as gifts.
park on the Charles river bank
In the afternoon, visitors can leisurely walk around the park on the Charles river bank. The river is about 129 km long, flowing northeast in eastern Massachusetts.

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