Fascinated by the beautiful liked-fairyland autumn in the land of maple leaves

The autumn of Canada fetches visitors' hearts by the colorful space of the forests, and the trees turn from green to red, orange, yellow, beautiful like a fairy picture.

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Algonquin Park
Algonquin Park: Algonquin is a famous, large park with rich vegetation, including forests, lakes, rivers and streams. Every autumn comes, when poplars, larch trees and red oaks begin to change color, it becomes a destination to attract more visitors. Especially during the first two months of autumn, the inter-season is the time when the forest changes colors, nature becomes the most beautiful. Photo: Elena Elisseeva.
Agawa Gorge
Agawa Gorge: In autumn, Agawa Canyon, Ontario, is one of the places that owns a beautiful fairy picture in Canada. The diversity of plants makes the forest not monochromatic but blended with many different colors. Red and gold are the two main colors, mixed in with the green color of the trees that have not yet changed their clothes. Photo: Quattrro.
Niagara Avenue
Niagara Avenue: Niagara Boulevard is said to be the most famous and beautiful road in the land of maple leaves. Visit this avenue in the fall, drive or take a slow stroll along the Niagara River, the river separating the United States and Canada, visitors will not be able to take their eyes off the beautiful red-leaf maple forests. In the poetic autumn, the street is beautifully adorned by maple trees and oak with enough light yellow, apricot gold, lemon yellow, canary, burgundy, bright red. Photo: Peteboc.
Confederation Trail
Confederation Trail: The Confederation trail that spans throughout Prince Edward Island is known for its spectacular fall scenery. The trail is a common space for people to walk, enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can enjoy the striking colors by walking or bike on this road. In Prince Edward in particular, you can also participate in the annual "Autumn Taste" festival with great culinary experiences. Photo: Kisssudbury.
Butchart Garden
Butchart Garden: Butchart garden in Victoria city is famous for its beautiful flora. Fall, mid-September through November is the best time to start your journey here. Coming to Butchart, visitors will have moments to enjoy a space filled with crimson colors of the vast maple forest, Canada's iconic tree species. Besides, you can also contact the staff to book a greenhouse tour. This is also a popular experience. Photos: 2009fotofriends.
Laurentian Mountain
Laurentian Mountain: Different from other places of interest, the Laurentians mountain range, located in the south of Quebec, is a quiet, peaceful land, separating the noise of daily life. The forest here mainly consists of birch trees, oak ... Therefore, Laurentian did not welcome the autumn season with the crimson coat of the maple leaf color, instead, it is the red, bright yellow, not radiant, but It is enough to please people. Photo: Necole A Berry.
Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail: Cabot trail on Cape Breton island in Nova Scotia is a miracle of nature. It is hailed as one of the most beautiful autumn places in the world. On the road that runs around the northern shore of Cape Breton, visitors will enjoy the crimson, orange, and gold colors intertwined and then glow like a burning plateau. Photo: Cworthy.

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