Fukushima travel to see cherry flowers blooming

The name Fukushima evokes the obsession of earthquakes, tsunamis, atomic power plants but few people know that this is a beautiful land of Japanese tourism with green lakes and colorful cherry blossoms on each spring coming.

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Coming to Fukushima, you will experience a wonderful spring as you walk on winding curving roads, immerse yourself in the scent of thousands of different cherry blossoms, mixed with apricot flowers, white plum blossoms, and again both colors of yellow magnolia flowers and feel the kindness heart of the people here.

1. See Tsuruga Castle and colorful cherry blossoms

Tsuruga Castle and colorful cherry blossoms
An ideal destination when you visit Fukushima is Tsuruga Castle. Built in 1384 by Ashina Naomori, Tsuruga castle is also called by the people here by another name, Aizu-Wakamatsu. It used to be the regional military and administrative center. Today, Tsuruga is an attractive destination for all travelers arriving in Fukushima.

Spring is the best time for you to visit Tsuruga. The ancient features of the castle along with the poetic beauty of about 1,000 cherry trees are blooming around the castle creating a brilliant picture. From the top floor of the castle, you can see the picturesque scenery below as well as the scenery of the whole city.

2. Hanamiyama Park

Hanamiyama Park
Hanamiyama Park is one of Fukushima's most beautiful parks. Hanamiyama is located on a low hill, there are winding roads stretching from the gate to go deep inside and climb the hills. Walking in this park, you will feel like you are lost in a forest of brilliant flowers.

Here, you will have the opportunity to admire the fields of yellow mustard flowers, rows of pink cherry blossoms. And yet, this place is also a paradise of flowers such as plum flowers, apricot flowers, forest magnolia, camellia ...

The interesting feature of Hanamiyama Park is that when standing on the top of a hill, zooming down in front of your eyes is a carpet of colorful flowers as a charming picture full of brilliance.

3. Green lakes

beautiful green lakes in Fukushima
Spring is also the waking season of beautiful green lakes in Fukushima. If you have visited Fukushima, you cannot ignore the Yama district, where the Bandai - Asahi National Park and the famous Hibara National Park are located. There is also a majestic Bandai mountain.

Fukushima is an attractive new destination. Not only is the nature blessed with many unique landscapes, but this city is also famous for its blooming flowers all year round.

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