Mystery in the hotel does not receive people under 16 years old

To stay overnight at Shanley Hotel in the US, guests need to be 16 years of age or older and are required to sign a waiver.

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 Shanley Hotel
Shanley Hotel looked from the outside. Photo: Fright Find.
Shanley Hotel is located in the quiet town of Napanoch in New York, USA, built in 1895 and bought by James Louis Shanley in 1906. Shanley and his wife, Beatrice, once greeted famous guests like Thomas Edison and Eleanor Roosevelt, before the tragedy happened.

Beatrice gave birth to three children, all of whom died before reaching the age of one. In 1911, the hotel's barber - who lived with the Shanley family - lost his young daughter when she wandered to a nearby farm and fell into a well. A few years later, Estrice's sister, Esther, died in the hotel due to the flu.

The current owner affirmed Esther's soul, Adrew - brother of James Shanley and many others still wandering in the hotel. The former owner of the house, Mr. Shanley died in 1937, is also said to have not left. The hotel website also recommends that some people die from accidents, missing and rumors of murder here over the years.

Many strange phenomena in the house include hot and cold spots, swaying chairs, watches beating the wrong bell, moving objects or Mr. Shanley's whistling and stepping, children laughing giggle, feeling that some invisible person touches or follows guests. One of the alleged haunted parts of the hotel is a secret room called Bordello (brothel) in the basement, where it is illegal to sell alcohol during the banned time.
 Shanley Hotel
Shanley family. Photo: Shanley Hotel.
The house passed through many owners during the 20th century. Sal Nicosa, an old owner, was initially unaware of this hotel rumor, until his death in July 2016.

Sal Jr., Nicosa's son, succeeded his father, continuing to operate the Shanley Hotel, offering tours and ghost tours and giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of the address. You can see "evidence" about haunted stories on the hotel website. Many amateur ghost hunts have been carried out at the hotel, so far no scientist has confirmed or proven true stories about these mysterious phenomena.
 Shanley Hotel
Bordello's room was rumored to be the scariest place in the hotel. Photo: Ocoosaws.
This 35-room hotel only allows people over 16 to sleep, one room costs about 85 USD per night, and rent the entire hotel is 1,200 USD per night. Guests are required to sign a waiver of all liability; Do not complain and do not claim any damages and costs incurred, the consequences occur directly to yourself during the stay.

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