The hotel suggestions when traveling to Kyoto

If you like nostalgia and tranquility, the traditional accommodation of Tawaraya will be the first choice.

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The ancient capital of Kyoto is famous for Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, traditional wooden houses, and beautiful geisha. Here, visitors can find various types of accommodation, from cheap to luxurious.

The hotel has beautiful scenery

Four Seasons Kyoto is located in the historic Higashiyama area, rated by TripAdvisor as a luxurious and elegant destination. Next to the hotel is a garden complex - hundreds of years old pond, with a glass bridge connecting to a small bar serving champagne and sake.

What attracts visitors here is that the rooms are carefully cared for. Rooms are fitted with large bathrooms, with soaking tubs and showers. Some rooms have a balcony overlooking the garden in front. The hotel has a spa with a hot tub, an underground jacuzzi, and a wooden tent.
Four Seasons Kyoto Hotel.
The natural landscape is the plus point of Four Seasons Kyoto Hotel. Photo: Booking.

Hotel for family

The first plus point for Westing Miyako Kyoto Hotel is tranquility, as it is located in the suburbs. From here, visitors can easily visit the zoo, the surrounding Japanese gardens. In addition, the residence also has a swimming pool, a children's playroom open 24 hours a day. The hotel offers babysitting services when parents want to have their own time exploring the city's temples or enjoying food.
Westing Miyako Kyoto Hotel.
Westing Miyako Kyoto Hotel is located in the suburbs. Photo: Justgola.
In addition, this hotel also offers Japanese buffet breakfast and Western buffet, while dinner is served at Aquablu with various options from Japan and the US. Drinks include selected international wines and beers. Here even there is buffet for children with easy to eat dishes like spaghetti and cheese.


Tawaraya is a traditional Japanese inn with a history of over 300 years, rated by many visitors as "the best Kyoto". It has private space and is difficult to book, due to the large number of guests.

Another plus point of the inn is located in the city center, a short walk from the river, close to many shopping shops in the historic Higashiyama district. Guests are also convenient to visit attractions.
Tawaraya motel.
Traditional inns are an ideal place for those who like nostalgia. Photo: Audley Travel.
After choosing good accommodation, you can freely explore Japanese cuisine, visit ancient Kyoto attractions such as Kinkakuji golden temple, Sagano bamboo forest, and Togetsu Kyo ancient bridge,...

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