Interesting experiences on 'rabbit island' in Japan

Okunoshima is called "rabbit island", because there are about 300 rabbits living, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

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Okunoshima Islet in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. It is compared by many visitors like "a cute zoo" because there are about 300 wild rabbits living. Because of this characteristic, the island has another name, Usagi Jami (Rabbit Island). Many people come here to pray for the sake of giving birth because rabbits are considered a symbol of crowded children according to Japanese culture.
Okunoshima Islet in Takehara City
The rabbits here often chase after guests. Each year, the island receives more than 100,000 visitors on average. Photo: All that interesting.
So far, the origin of the rabbits on the island is still unknown. However, the most widely accepted hypothesis was that in 1971, a group of students on the school trip here brought some rabbits with them. Gradually, the number of rabbits increased and spread throughout the island.

The rabbits on the island are very brave and like to come near guests to beg. Even without caregivers, the rabbits can still live comfortably thanks to the food from the visitors.

Guests should buy rabbit food at the supermarket before going to the island. You can play and carry rabbits but do not bring dogs, cats or catch rabbits to the mainland ... because this is a government regulation.
Okunoshima Islet in Takehara City
Visitors can feed rabbits by vegetables and carrots ... bought in supermarkets before going to the island. Photo: Twitter.
In addition to buying rabbit food packages, playing with them, you can visit the Poison Gas Museum to learn more about the island's history, walk along coastal trails, see the mountains or take a bath in the sea. There are cafes on the island, but the number is not much. Here, people sell small souvenirs to buy as gifts. Small island so visitors take about 1.5 hours to visit, explore all.

Tourists should not embrace a rabbit, even if allowed. They are all wild rabbits, not vaccinated. You should not feed rabbits along the way, as they can eat amorously and forget to avoid the traveling cars running to. Food for rabbits needs to not be overdue, damaged ...Guests should not place food near the cave to avoid attracting other predators, should check the chassis before starting, as rabbits are often sheltered there.

Before returning, fill the pan with water around the island because water is scarce. Rabbits living on hillsides can live on spring water, but the animals that live around the hotel and the coffee shop don't have much water to drink.

Rabbit island is a 15-minute ferry ride from Tadanoumi port, ferries are usually 30-45 minutes apart.

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