Miniature Thailand in the park right near Bangkok

Muang Boran is an attractive check-in place with many virtual living places such as the dragon boat promenade of the king, the stilt house, the Golden Temple ... with a shrank size.

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Located nearly 30 km south of Bangkok, Ancient Siam (or Muang Boran) is known as the largest outdoor museum in the world. With an area of 320 hectares, Muang Boran is a miniature Thailand with copies of 116  famous buildings and monuments of the golden pagoda land.
Ancient Siam
Ancient Siam accurately simulates Thailand's most famous cultural and historical sites from the beginning to the present. Photo: Hotel Thailand.
The park was the brainchild of millionaire Lek Viriyaphant in the early 1960s. The entrepreneur first planned to build a golf course with a miniature replica of the ancient architectural buildings in Thailand. The plan changed as Mr. Lek studied more and saw how historic Thai buildings were forgotten.

Instead of a golf course, Lek decided to build a park, which became an educational space to preserve Thai culture and historical construction techniques. Today, Ancient Siam is a place where a group of local artists work with experts from the Thai National Museum to help preserve the cultural heritage of the golden pagoda land.

Sanphet Prasat palace
Sanphet Prasat palace simulation - the main palace in the early Ayutthaya period. Photo: Muang Boran.
The Muang Boran population is divided into four areas: the south, the center, the north, and the northeast. The northern area preserves the Sukhothai era's marvels such as Noen Prasat, the great wall of Wat Maha That, Ho Kham, Wat Chong Kham pagoda ... The ruins of the Khmer empire are simulated in the northeastern sightseeing area. Going to the center area, you'll find buildings from the Rattanakosin era, like the Dusit Maha Prasat Palace (modeled after the Royal Palace in Bangkok). To the north is Wat Phra Sri Sanphet pagoda from Ayutthaya, Prang Sam Yod temple from Lop Buri and many other structures of different eras.

Muang Boran is also an attractive check-in place for young people with many virtual living quarters such as the dragon boat promenade of the king, the stilt house, the Cang pagoda reappearing Buddha's life. An interesting place to visit is the floating market village on the river with many busy boats and shops.
Muang Boran
Entrance fee for Muang Boran is 700 baht (nearly VND 530,000) for adults and 350 baht for children 6-14 years old (more than VND 250,000). Photo: Jembatan Simpati.
Muang Boran Park is large, so to explore, you can choose the tram for 400 baht (300,000 VND) each with a driver, according to the hours 10h - 12h, 13h - 15h, 15h - 17h and 17h - 19h.

To go from Bangkok to Muang Boran is quite simple. Guests can take a taxi for 800 to 1,000 baht (600,000 to 750,000 VND) for a round trip. BTS speedboat is also an ideal vehicle, departing from Siam Station in Bangkok to Kheha Station for 8 baht (nearly 6,000 VND), in 45 minutes.

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