Moon rainbow, eternal lightning and 3 mesmerizing surreal phenomena

Nature has many beautiful fantasy phenomena but also has potential dangers to life for anyone who wants to admire such as eternal lightning, dust storm ...

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Rainbow moon
Moon rainbow also known by names such as white rainbow, moon bow, is a rare phenomenon. Because of the light reflected from the surface of the moon, this type of rainbow is relatively faint, indistinguishable from the naked eye. However, when taking photos of light exposure, we can see the colors of the moon rainbow. Photo: Getty.
Rainbow moon
Rainbow moon needs many elements to form. This phenomenon only occurs when the moon is in a low position, about 42 degrees, round or nearly round. The sky must be extremely dark to see the moon clearly. Any bright light can affect admiring this phenomenon. Moon rainbow often appears at some points such as Yosemite National Park (California, USA), Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe ... Photo: Getty.
Eternal lightning
Eternal lightning occurs only at the mouth of the Catatumbo River and Maracaibo Lake (Venezuela). Scientists have studied and proposed many different theories about this phenomenon but there is no clear explanation. According to BBC, where the Catatumbo River meets Marcaibo lake, it is struck by an average of 140-160 nights/year, 10 hours/day and 28 times/minute. The phenomenon of permanent lightning has disappeared from January to April 2010 due to drought. Photo: Scienceline.

Eternal lightning
Thunder gradually became part of the life of the local people here. Remote travelers, especially photographers, defy all to hunt for the best shot of lightning. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the lightning record here was recorded 300 times a year. Photo: Reddit.
Black sun
In Denmark, if you come at the right time, you can admire the strange black sun phenomenon. The black sun is the way of locals comparing to the starling flock. In the autumn of every year, hundreds of thousands of starling flying south to avoid coldness stopped in the Wadden Sea National Park (Denmark). They fly together, creating a scene like the black sun. Photo: Wanderlust.
 Aurora is considered one of the most miraculous phenomena in the world. This phenomenon occurs due to magnetic radiation. When the aurora occurs, the sky will appear fanciful color silk strips. This phenomenon lasts about a minute so you must be lucky to be able to witness it. However, some cases have recorded an aurora may appear for an hour. Aurora tourism is a term that is becoming popular in phenomenal areas such as Iceland, Scotland, Norway, Alaska (USA) ... Photos: Nulab.

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Volcanic lightning
Volcanic lightning is also among the most rare and beautiful natural phenomena. This phenomenon is also known as dust storm, only occurs in large volcanic eruptions. When an amount of dust is blown into the air, dust particles collide with each other with a strong force. This results in an imbalance in charge, producing electrostatic clouds. Volcanic lightning has been recorded in some places like Indonesia, Italy ... However, the surrounding area where taking place the phenomenon is very dangerous, people are recommended not to approach. Photo: Getty.

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