Northwest Food Festival 2019 in Fansipan

The event introduces many typical dishes and entertainment activities at Sun World Fansipan Legend, lasting until 10/9.

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In Sapa, this season, when the buckwheat flowers begin to cover violet of the mountainside, sticky rice soaked with the leafy ferment has created the aroma of aromatic wine, the Northwestern artisans and the village girls and tourists all come back Fansipan to joy the Northwest Food Festival. There, a very Northwestern life is re-created by the indigenous people and the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area right at the highland market area, Fansipan cable car station.

Representatives of the resort said the event takes place throughout a month, lasting until September 10. This is the third year the festival is organized by Sun World Fansipan Legend, in order to preserve, promote and honor the traditional cultural values of the Northwest. This year, the festival takes place on a larger scale with many new and unique activities and experiences.
Northwest Food Festival 2019 in Fansipan
Visitors have the opportunity to participate in experiencing Northwestern highland cultural activities throughout the festival. Photo: Anh Tuan.
Stepping through the greeting gate that is shaped to simulate the pan-pipe of the upland people, each jar of liqueur tied up with red cloth as a sign to invite tourists drunken to the Northwest. Coming to the festival, visitors like to be traveling in a miniature Northwest with full of attractive indigenous colors. Colorful skirts, flower pan-pipe, upland markets are wrapped up in the show every Friday, Saturday morning.

Many visitors shared that they love the traditional dances that bustled the festival atmosphere, people were intoxicated in the leaf pan-pipe, antiphonal, double dances ... interesting and normal Northwest cultural colors that you must go to remote villages to find it.

At the rural market area every Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 to 11:30, the traditional Dao wedding with the bride and groom radiant in elaborate costumes, wedding tray and typical wedding procedures of the people is reproduced right at Fansipan. These activities give visitors an unforgettable and emotional experience.

Tourists also get their self in pounding thick cake, making the grilled cake of fresh rice, steaming glutinous rice ... and put your foot into the music. Then from here, a unique journey to explore Northwest cuisine opens up, conquering even the most fastidious diners. The people of the rustic nature, leisurely brewing wine in the upland style, letting the most delicious wine be distilled to bring to the guests who come from far away.
Northwest Food Festival 2019 in Fansipan
Upland people cook delicious wine to serve tourists. Photo: Anh Tuan.
Join the Northwest culinary festival, visitors can freely explore hundreds of specialty dishes, cooked by the people themselves. This year, more specifically, along with the Chinese sausages, sticky rice, kitchen hang buffalo meat... delicious, the pan of Thang Co (a folk dish of Mong people in the northeast region of Vietnam) to be prepared by the local chefs in the middle of the highland market yard which will be the best experience for visitors to Sapa on this occasion.

In the cool weather, sipping a glass of wine in a bamboo cup, tasting a greasy Thang Co piece, a sweet kitchen hang buffalo meat piece bold in smoke scent, listening to the melodious sounds of the pan-pipe and the singings calling friend, visitors will feel infused into the heart of the Northwest drunken ferment in a way very gently.

Northwest Food Festival 2019 also absorbs visitors to Northwest life with true festivals, with a series of folk games such as pushing sticks, walking in a string bridge, bamboo dance, walking on stilts ... for fun that not want to return home. Guests will receive attractive gifts right at the event.
Northwest Food Festival 2019 in Fansipan
The bamboo dance brings a joyful, bustling scene and arousing the festive atmosphere. Photo: Anh Tuan.
At the opening ceremony of the festival, Sun World Fansipan Legend drew attention when setting a record of "The number of people participating in the bamboo dancing in a day with the largest in Vietnam", with 600 people tapping bamboo tube and more than 10,000 people participating in dancing. The bamboo dancing not only creates a cheerful and bustling scene but also arouses the festive atmosphere, bringing a unique experience in the "cloud city".

Not only food festivals and special cultural and entertainment activities, Sun World Fansipan Legend also offers visitors a large scale "Dance on the Cloud" art show. The show is full of Northwest colors and meditation on the backdrop of the mountains and covering cloud of Fansipan peak which is an interesting experience in the mountainous region, impressing many visitors.
Northwest Food Festival 2019 in Fansipan
The highest statue of Amitabha Buddha in Vietnam - one of the magnificent works on Fansipan. Photo: Anh Tuan.
Sun World Fansipan Legend is also a meaningful destination in Vu Lan pious month. The Northwestern sacred peak has long been famous for its spiritual architectural complex and many magnificent works, especially the highest Amitabha Buddha statue in Vietnam - the place to keep sacred Buddha relics. This place is considered by many Buddhists to be one of the destinations that must be visited many times, in order to feel the place of meditation, peaceful in the vastness of the flying cloud Buddha realm.

Sun World Fansipan Legend will be the destination of every journey in the autumn days when visitors can participate in the culinary festival and experience the Northwest cultural space atop Fansipan.

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