'Pilferer Market' and famous shopping areas in Bangkok

After the fun days and visiting Bangkok capital (Thailand), you can go to the following famous places to buy souvenirs and necessary items at cheap prices.

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Woeng Nakhon Kasem
1. Woeng Nakhon Kasem: Known more as the "thief market", this area sells a variety of antiques including Thai and Chinese handicrafts, porcelain, bronze and pearl mosaic wood. If you decide to buy here, learn how to bargain. Photo: Nari.
Chatuchak Weekend Market
2. Chatuchak Weekend Market: This weekend market is open from about 7-18h. Many visitors have come here to say that you can buy items from all parts of Thailand, from clothes to pets. If you like going to the market and hunting for promotional items, this place is the ideal choice. Photo: Ian Santosa.
Thewet Market
Thewet Market
3. Thewet Market: If you are a bonsai lover, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Thewet market. Visitors can come here by taxi on the river or by road vehicles. This place is famous for plants grown in lovely pots, especially orchids. Opposite this flower market, visitors can buy fresh food like fish, vegetables ... The ideal time to visit this market is the end of the morning or early afternoon. Photo: Mimolette3.

Bo Bae Market
4. Bo Bae Market: This famous clothing market is open at 10 am, located along Krung Kasem Road at the intersection with Lan Luang, near Saphan Khao and the Department of Technology and Economic Cooperation. This place is a big wholesale place. If you plan to buy in large quantities, bargaining is essential. Photo: Panita Ampian.
Pak Khlong Talat Market
5. Pak Khlong Talat Market: This market is located at the foot of Phra Buddha Yodfa Bridge, along Chakrawat Road. This place is often called the "flower market". Visitors here will be immersed in the colorful scenery of flowers, from lilium longiflorum thunb, carnations, rose, daisies to orchids ... The ideal time to visit this market is early in the morning because that's when fresh flowers are shipped from neighboring provinces. Photo: Expique.
Area of Pratunam Road, Phetchaburi
6. Area of Pratunam Road, Phetchaburi: This area is famous for ready-made clothes that are sold cheaply. The price here is very affordable if you buy in bulk. About 100 meters west of Pratunam, along Phetchaburi Road is where you can find electronic items such as computers, hard drives ... Photos: Amnat30.
Patpong area, Suriwong, Silom
7. Patpong area, Suriwong, Silom: If you want to buy a nice item to make a gift, please visit this area. Coming here, you will find many shops selling jewelry, antique gems, pottery, crafts, silk ... Not only is there a buying and selling activity, but this place also attracts visitors with vibrant entertainment activities. Photo: Yusuf Akyuz TR.

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