The world's most dangerous airport in the Himalayas

Located in the Himalayan mountains, Lukla has potential risk factors for a flight such as short runway, low pressure, mountain terrain.

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More than 300 people were killed and countless people were injured when trying to climb Everest Mount. However, the danger was lurking just before the climbers reached the camp. It is a flight to Lukla small airport, located at an altitude of nearly 3,000 meters above sea level, the way most tourists choose to go to the camp.
Lukla airport - the worlds dangerous airport in the Himalayas.
The airport is located in Lukla, Khumbu town, Solukhumbu district, eastern Nepal. This is also the closest place for tourists to start their climbing journey, conquer Everest Base Camp.
Every day, many flights carry mountain climbers from Nepal's Kathmandu capital to Lukla. Although the flight time is about 25 to 30 minutes, the two airports coming and going differently. Tenzin-Hillary Airport, located in Lukla, Nepal, possessing all elements that can make a pilot sweat.

This is not the highest civilian airport in the world, but Lukla's height is still a challenge. Surrounding the airport is steep mountainous terrain. Short runway, lying on a cliff, straight down into the valley below.

At this height, the air density is often significantly lower than the area near the sea level. This affects the energy of the aircraft engine generated, reducing the lift force. Reduced air resistance is also a challenge for pilots who want to reduce aircraft speed.

The airport runway in Lukla is longer than 500 meters while the runway at many international airports is longer than 3,000 meters. Therefore, it is designed with a 12% slope compared to the mountain wall so that the aircraft can decelerate in time.
Lukla airport - the worlds dangerous airport in the Himalayas.
This runway is much shorter than the standard runways.
The mountainous terrain around the airport does not allow airplanes to fly around waiting for landing. When a flight begins to take off here, it is forced to touch the ground. Therefore, only helicopters or small propeller planes can operate.

Another danger is that Himalayan weather is often unpredictable. Sudden fog, rain or snow can always happen. Although the distance is short, the flight time is low, the weather in Lukla can be completely different from Kathmandu and easily changed on the route. In that case, the planes returned to Kathmandu. The cloudy afternoon appears a lot, so most flights are scheduled early in the morning. The cancellation of the trip from Lukla is also popular.

The incidents happening in Lukla have reached two numbers. The most serious accident occurred in 2008, when the Yeti Airlines flight crashed into the mountain after landing, a few meters from the top of the runway. The pilot lost sight due to the fog, killing all 16 passengers, 2 of the 3 people in the crew. The pilot is the only one who survives.
Lukla airport - the worlds dangerous airport in the Himalayas.
The town near the airport in Lukla is visited by many tourists.
Currently pilots here must meet the high standards set by the Nepalese civil aviation agency. They must complete 100 flight and takeoff flights on the short runway, at least one year of flying experience in Nepal and complete 10 flights to Lukla under the supervision of a professional instructor.

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