Vietnam has the world's most beautiful discovery cruise

Deborah Stone and Nick Dalton, co-authors of the book "The Greatest River Trips in the World" mentioned Vietnam on the list of 8 ideal cruise itineraries.

A cruise to explore Hanoi and Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh) in Vietnam
Vietnam: A cruise to explore Hanoi and Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh) in Vietnam is one of eight wonderful river journeys in the world, mentioned in The World's Great River Journeys. Taking a one-day trip to explore Hanoi, 2 days in Quang Ninh, you will admire the beautiful scenery on the banks of the Red River, Lo River branches, Da River and hundreds of islands on Ha Long Bay.

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Cruise in Australia
Australia: Not far from Adelaide, the most livable city in Australia, you will reach the Murray River, the departure for the most exciting cruise in the world. The 7-day journey on the poetic river will take visitors to remote areas with desert, red rubber forest, majestic Alps ...
Cruise on the romantic Columbia River
America: The wild West of the United States stands out with its golden forest in autumn on the romantic Columbia River. Down the river, you'll see the unspoiled natural landscape as you cross the spectacular Dalles and Multnomah rapids. The journey also takes you to Clarkston, Portland before pouring into Astoria ...
Cruise on Sava River, explore Sisak
Croatia, Serbia, Hungary: The 11-day cruise will take you to explore the beautiful destinations on the Sava River, explore Sisak (central Croatian city), Belgrade (the capital of Serbia) and Budapest (the most Hungarian populous city). During the journey, you will admire many natural beauty spots and famous tourist destinations in Europe.
Cruise to discover the Dnepr river
Russia, Belarus, Ukraine: Cruise to discover the Dnepr river, the third longest river in Europe, will take you to discover the beautiful scenery on the banks of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine before flowing into the Black Sea. The distance of more than 2,000 km in 11 days will not disappoint you before the poetic and peaceful natural beauty.
cruiser on amazon
France, Brazil: Amazon is probably the most famous river system in the world. On the cruiser, you will discover the huge flooded ecosystem of forests, lakes and wildlife paradise. The yacht will move from Cayenne (France) along the Brazilian coast, then upstream to Santarém (Brazil), crossing the beautiful villages and rainforests.
cruise on Volga River
Russia: Down the Volga River, the famous river of Russia, you will enjoy fresh space and admire many famous landmarks such as splendid mosques, majestic Zhiguli mountains, magnificent Kremlin ...
Cruise in the Bay of Naples (Italy)
Italy: Cruise in the Bay of Naples (Italy) is also a journey worth going up once in a lifetime. With 8 days time, visitors will admire the flamingos and herons flying to the marshes on the longest river flowing into the Adriatic Sea, the colorful port of Cinque Terre and the beautiful resort town on the Taglio di Po river.

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