What reason makes you must to Ha Long right now?

Not only proud of possessing the enchanting rocky islands, stunningly beautiful caves, this world heritage also contains many mysteries that will attract tourists, not just once. Here are the reasons you should go to Ha Long once a lifetime.

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Experience a unique 360-degree view

The world-class Vinpearl Ha Long Bay - 5-star resort committed to bringing you unforgettable experiences on your Ha Long vacation. Located on the island of Rut, with a "unique" view of 360 degrees with all rooms surrounded by the entire bay.
Vinpearl Ha Long Bay resort.
The resort owns a unique view of 360 degrees.
Vinpearl Ha Long Bay resort.
Overview of Vinpearl Ha Long Bay resort.
The luxurious white building with a semi-classical architectural style provides a full range of perfect services: four-season swimming pool, outdoor pool, spa, tennis court ...You will experience a paradise vacation when relaxing by the beautiful beach, enjoy a luxurious buffet at a 5-star restaurant and take many impressive photos on Ha Long.

Enjoy a romantic dinner between wonders

The 4 star Ha Long yacht.
The 4 star Ha Long yacht.
Wander Ha Long on a 4-star standard yacht, you will rest in a comfortable room, with the dreamy beautiful view of the stone islands, the blue waters, and the radiant sunlight. At night, the bay surface is covered with a glittering golden layer and the scenery changes constantly. Under the moon slight, with your loved one to have dinner with the candle, empty the glass of champagne and feel the life so lovely! All worries have gone far, leaving only a sweet moment, future stories full of dreams.

Explore the bay on a kayak

Kayaking to explore Ha Long Bay.
Kayaking to explore Ha Long Bay.
Instead of sitting on a boat watching the scenery, let yourself crawl around every corner of the bay on the kayak. The Dark Cave - the most beautiful area of the bay with rocky mountains, lagoons, caves is still untouched, a dream journey with any paddle. National Geographic Adventures is truly sophisticated when voting Ha Long in the top 25 most world kayaking sites. Be leisurely watching the cloudy sky, wriggling in cool caves and lightly touching the stalactites, cradling each of the colorful shells is an unforgettable impression.

Watch the sunset on Ha Long Bay

Sunset scenery on the Ha Long Bay.
Sunset scenery on the Ha Long Bay. 
The CNN site voted Ha Long as one of the five locations with the most beautiful sunsets. When the sunset falls, images of yachts reflecting on the clear blue water of Ha Long are extremely subtle on the immense sea surface, colored lights from Ha Long yacht reflecting on the water surface forming a fantasy picture. And dawn will take us into a fairyland, awakened by the scent of the sea. It is the eternal beauty that, over 5 centuries ago, Nguyen Trai praised Ha Long as a "stone wonder" in the sky.

Many interesting entertainment centers

Halong Marine Plaza - the most interesting entertainment in Ha Long
Halong Marine Plaza - the most interesting entertainment in Ha Long.
In addition to admiring the natural beauty, you can also explore interesting entertainment areas. Halong Marine Plaza is one of the most diversified and modern multi-service commercial centers in Quang Ninh to meet all needs from rest, shopping to entertainment, tourism ...Royal International Park has an artificial beach with a play area, a water puppet show, and music dance venue ... Go to Tuan Chau Island, don't miss the lively water music program, attracting thousands of tourists.

Combine visiting the surrounding destinations

Ba Vang pagoda.
Ba Vang pagoda.
In addition to a high-class vacation at Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort, you will have the opportunity to explore popular local attractions such as Ba Vang Pagoda - the largest and most beautiful temple in Quang Ninh or visit Thien Cung cave. It is likened to the palace of heaven with a fanciful space, an extremely exquisite natural masterpiece.
Trang An complex.
The Trang An complex - one of the top destinations in the northen region. 
The Huc bridge in sword lake (Hanoi)
The The Huc bridge in Sword lake, Ha Noi. 
 The travel itinerary also takes you to visit Hanoi - the thousand-year-old capital of civilization that always attracts tourists by its ancient and amazingly quiet features. Besides, the journey to the promised land of Trang An, Tam Coc - Bich Dong, Bai Dinh pagoda ... cannot be ignored.

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