10 strangely beautiful destinations for couples

Mauritius Island
You can not afford to pay for famous destinations? Think of the locations below because they will give you the dreamy, romantic experience.

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 Montreal, Canada
1. Montreal, Canada: You can't go to romantic cities like Paris? Do not worry! Montreal is a great destination for couples. Because here you can explore the historic old town surrounded by ancient buildings from the 19th century and certainly you will feel like you are in Paris. Moreover, French is the official language in Montreal. The both of you can shop at antique shops, cycle along the canals, or walk the waterfront and enjoy dinner in great pubs.
St Martin / St Maarten Island
2. St Martin / St Maarten Island: If you are looking for pristine beaches, romantic restaurants, spas and many outdoor activities, St Martin / St Maarten is a great choice. This tropical island is bisected between France and the Netherlands, so it has two names. Because of this, its culture is also divided - the Netherlands in the south and France in the north. The beautiful white sand beaches, swimming and diving are the top choices of travelers coming here.
Togean Islands, Indonesia
3. Togean Islands, Indonesia: Dubbed the "paradise of the sea", Togean is one of the most exotic beautiful destinations for couples in Southeast Asia, especially for those who want a vacation. Stay in a secluded beach house with a quiet beach and cool water. You can spend a lot of time with your partner in swimming, diving, admiring wildlife, or visiting the island.
Lamu, Kenya
4. Lamu, Kenya: Lamu is a small island off the coast of Kenya in East Africa. It is one of the oldest and best-preserved islands of the African continent and is a Muslim and Swahili center. The streets of Lamu town boast Arabic features. Since there are no cars here, you will have to travel by horse or donkey. Lamu is the ideal place for you to learn how to ride the Dhows (traditional black wooden boat). You can also explore small towns and hunt for local handicrafts. In addition, Lamu also has many deserted golden sand beaches so that both of you can enjoy the happy private time together.
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
5. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil: A lovely destination for couples is the remote Brazilian archipelago Fernando de Noronha. Perhaps the best thing is that the island is uninhabited outside some unattended waiters of travel companies. That's why you and your partner can spend a lot of time together in a paradise without being disturbed by anyone. In Fernando de Noronha, you can also visit many beautiful beaches, admire the rich and attractive flora and fauna.
 Ile Royale
6. Ile Royale: Ile Royale is a strange destination with an equally fascinating history. Between 1853-1939, Ile Royale was a French colony along with its neighbors Ile Diable and Ile St. Joseph. The archipelago is located off the coast of French Guiana Island, northeast of South America. Ile Royale is a perfect place for couples to experience their happy time together.
Fez, Morocco
7. Fez, Morocco: A beautiful city in Morocco, Fez has many types of entertainment for couples, especially for those who want to stay away from the noise of the modern city. The city will take you to the world of ancient times, enjoying peaceful spaces together without the sound of a modern city. To truly enjoy Fez, stay in a traditional Moroccan house.
Captiva Island
8. Captiva Island: If both of you are dreaming of spending time in a rocking hammock, drinking a cool cocktail and watching the beautiful sunset, North Captiva is for you. You can only get there by plane or ship because North Captiva is located off the southwest coast of Florida. There are many things to do like cycling, hiking, playing golf.
Krabi, Thailand
9. Krabi, Thailand: A beautiful secluded island in Thailand, Krabi is a tourist paradise for couples with blue sea, smooth golden sand and cool water. If you want to enjoy a peaceful space, quiet, clean environment and spectacular natural landscape, Krabi is an ideal choice.
Mauritius Island
10. Mauritius Island: Mauritius is one of the best destinations that you can spend time together enjoying beautiful beaches in private. It's a wonderful island made up of lagoons, pristine white sands, atolls and a warm, multicultural atmosphere that will leave you and your lover an impressive experience in this secluded place. Moreover, the dishes of Mauritius are extremely excellent! It's a mix of Chinese, Creole, Indians and a bit of European influence.

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