Tuesday, September 3, 2019

10 things not everyone knows about Malaysia

Not wearing sandals into the house, eating with your right hand and avoiding intimacy in public are features of Malaysian culture.

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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with a community of people of Chinese, Indian and Malay coexisting. In particular, the people of the palm hill country mainly follow the four religions: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Therefore, the culture of Malaysia is also diverse and unique.

The country loves the "most"

Traveling to Malaysia, visitors can see the architecture and wonders which all are rotating around the most things. Among them are the tallest twin towers in the world (Petronas), the third-largest Buddha statue in the world (lying Buddha image), the longest bridge (Penang 2) and the highest mountain in Southeast Asia (Kinabalu). The country also has the seventh-highest communication tower in the world.
10 things not everyone knows about Malaysia
The tallest Petronas twin tower in the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo: Luxury Life.

Malaysians love Milo

Drinks with malt and chocolate are indispensable dishes for people here. Therefore, all food courts and cafes sell Milo. This drink is served in many different forms, with ice, jellies, cakes ...

Flat toilets are widely used

This type of toilet is still used in commercial centers. In some places, such as tropical fruit farms, restroom use only flat toilets.

English is one of the main languages

Malaysia has been a British colony for more than 100 years. By 1957, the country of palm oil was a member of the Commonwealth. Therefore, Malays are fluent in English.

Do not wear shoes to enter the house

In the perception of Malaysians, if everyone wears shoes into the house, there will be no difference between the home and the road. Therefore, wearing shoes and sandals into the house is considered rude in this country.
10 things not everyone knows about Malaysia
Shoes and sandals will be neatly lined up before entering the house in Malaysia. Photo: The Culture Trip.

The cuisine is a cultural combination

If it says Malaysia is a country with a diverse culture, the cuisine is the most clear evidence for this. Among them are Nyonya, a dish that combines Chinese, Malaysian and Peranakan culture (descendants of the Chinese who marry Malaysians when immigrating to the islands). Or you can enjoy Mamak, a fusion of Indian and Malaysian cuisine.

Honest people

This is the assessment of many tourists coming to Malaysia. Sellers will not fool your money just because you are tourists. If someone picks up a 50 Ringgit (280,000) drop, they will return it.

Malaysians do not hide their feelings about you, especially when they see you acting stupid. For example, if you take a shower and catch a cold, Malaysians will say: "Pakai Otak-lah" (be smarter next time).

Avoid intimate gestures in public

Showing affection like kissing and body contact in public can get you in trouble. You can hold hands and kiss cheeks, however, avoid more intimate gestures like French kissing.

Eat with your right hand

Malaysians often use their right hand with dishes like Nasi Lemak (traditional Malaysian coconut rice), Roti canai (bread of Indian origin) and fried shrimp. To them, the left hand is considered unclean, and is used for cleaning and body hygiene, so it is not recommended to use this hand to eat.
10 things not everyone knows about Malaysia
Nasi Lemak, traditional Malaysian coconut rice. Photo: Food Republic.

Shopping till late night

In Malaysia, you can shop even at bedtime. On weekdays, the business center closes at 10 pm and opens later on weekends. So it won't be hard if you see the mall open at midnight. Similarly, cafes are open at any time.

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