10 tourist destinations in pink throughout the world

Nakuru Lake, Kenya
The tourist destinations with main pink tones always bring a special feeling. The phenomena may be due to chemical reactions, seasons, bacteria or sometimes to an animal.

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Lotus Pond, Thailand
1. Lotus Pond, Thailand: The Lotus Lake of Thailand is also known as "Red Lotus Sea", which covered an impressive pink color. After 10 years of drought, now the lotus at the lake has started to bloom again. From around December to March next year is the best time to visit the lotus lake.
Fuji Mount, Japa
2. Fuji Mount, Japan: Spring in Japan is always a colorful flower season. The special place which has to mention is the Fuji Mount. At this time, at the foot of Fuji Mount attracts many tourists around the world to see the blooming roses. This event later became a festival dedicated to roses here.
Laguna Colorada, Bolivia
3. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia: This time is not only flowers that make up the pink color, but the animal is a part of it. The center of the Laguna Colorada lagoon is home to numerous flamingos. In addition, this lagoon has a color that varies between red, orange and pink, depending on the weather or the season.
Retba Lake, Senegal
4. Retba Lake, Senegal: This surreal natural salt lake is an attractive tourist destination of Senegal. Because of the salt in the lake and a special bacterium that lives on the bottom, the water here turns pink. In particular, the stronger the wind here, the more pronounced the pink.
Hillier Lake, Australia
5. Hillier Lake, Australia: Hillier Lake in Australia is even more rosy than Retba Lake. Many people think that pink is the color of the bottom of the lake, but when pouring water into the cup, it is still pink. The exact explanation of this phenomenon is due to a bacterium that lives in lakes, like the lake in Senegal.
Nakuru Lake, Kenya
6. Nakuru Lake, Kenya: This is a special salt lake of Nakuru Lake National Park, established since 1967 in Kenya. The park has the main purpose of preserving over 400 rare species of birds living near the lake, especially flamingos, the beautiful bird that make the lake more magnificent by their presence.
Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan
7. Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan: Visiting the colorful flower world of Japan, you cannot help but mention Kawachi Fuji Garden. This famous garden houses a hundreds of meters long wisteria (Wisteria) tunnel of beautiful pinkish purple.
Sfendoni Cave, Greece
8. Sfendoni Cave, Greece: The strange Sfendoni cave of Greece is the next place on this list. The cave is 300 m deep underground with lots of natural pink stalactites, when illuminated with more lights, the more brilliant. Sfendoni Cave, located on Crete Island, has a relatively small entrance, which is the main habitat for bats.
 Komodo island's pink sand beach, Indonesia
9. Komodo island's pink sand beach, Indonesia: Once you are familiar with the white and yellow sand beaches, come here to have a new experience. Located on the island famous for the Komodo dragon, this beach is also very popular. Pink here is due to the presence of red corals in the composition of sand.
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
10. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is the setting for Disney to make the movie Beauty Sleeping in the forest. The special thing about the castle is the eye-catching pink color scheme that is more brilliant when the sun shines on. Neuschwanstein Castle is now a symbolic tourist attraction of Germany.

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