2 Vietnamese temples are in the top of the world-class Buddhist architecture

Two temples one in the North, one in the South have extremely unique architectural styles, striking among the charming natural scenery.

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Tran Quoc Pagoda (Hanoi) and Buu Long Pagoda (Ho Chi Minh City) are listed in the list of 20 most unique Buddhist architectural works in the world by American National Geographic magazine.

Tran Quoc Pagoda is considered to be the oldest temple in Thang Long - Hanoi, with a history of up to 1500 years. The temple is located on a small island located in the east of West Lake in Tay Ho district. The temple harmoniously combines the ancient solemnity and the poetic and courteous beauty of the lush green garden and a vast lake full of poetic love.
Tran Quoc pagoda
Tran Quoc Pagoda.
Tran Quoc Pagoda used to be the Buddhist center of Thang Long citadel during the Ly - Tran dynasties, the king and the mandarins often chose Tran Quoc as a sight to visit and worship at special occasions of the year such as holidays and New Year. Until now, this place is still the destination of many people because of the quiet and peaceful space, making people seem to let go of all worries and sadness.
Tran Quoc pagoda
The temple gate is solemn.
This is not the first time this temple has been voted. Before that, Tran Quoc pagoda was voted as one of the most beautiful temples in the world by the prestigious Thrillist page, a stop for not only Buddhists but also tourists.
Buu Long Pagoda
Buu Long Pagoda has a splendid yellow stupa.
Meanwhile, Buu Long Pagoda is located on a hill west of the Dong Nai River, possessing a beauty unlike any other temple in Vietnam.

From a distance, visitors can identify the temple through the image of the splendid yellow stupa against the sky. Many people in the surrounding area call this the Thai temple, because at first glance the temple has many features of Thai culture.
Buu Long Pagoda
The temple has an extremely unique architecture, selected by many visitors as a check-in point.
Buu Long Pagoda brings a sense of tranquility with the jingle wind chime atop the stupa and the murmuring water from the lake in front of the stupa. Buu Long Temple is also known as Xa Loi Pagoda because the pagoda has many relics of Buddha and the holy monks.

Because it is located far from the city center, amidst mountains and forests, the large temple always blends in with the surrounding trees. It is chosen by many people as a fasting destination for meditation, or simply admiring the peaceful scenery.

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