Thursday, September 5, 2019

4 destinations not all everyone knows in South Phu Quoc

Mui Hang, Hon Dam Trong, Hon Thom, and Bai Kem possesses pristine, secluded and peaceful beauty of pearl Island.

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Phu Quoc is famous for Sao Beach, Dinh Cau night market, Ham Ninh fishing village ..., but in the south of the island there are many new destinations for travelers who like to "live virtual".

Hon Dam Trong Island

This is a destination that receives a lot of attention from explorers. It owns a wild beauty without a shadow of a human, no Internet, almost completely separate from the outside world. The island has only a homestay made of bamboo, wood and thatched roofs with a simple design, close to nature for visitors to spend the night.
Hon Dam Trong Island
Hon Dam Trong island possesses wild beauty, close nature. Photo: Highlands.
Besides the beach with clear blue sea, pristine rocky beaches and quite dense coral reefs, the island also has a natural forest with rich vegetation to relax visitors with a passion for trekking. It takes you only 15 minutes by canoe from An Thoi town and about 130,000 VND to travel and visit, to get interesting experiences at Hon Dam Trong.

Mui Hang beach

The pristine beauty with many layers of sediments and wild green hills is the attraction of Mui Hang to backpackers. The travelers often ride motorcycles, passing Bai Sao and An Yen Resort come here trekking, snorkeling or fishing, camping ... This will be a peaceful experience far different from the bustle of big towns in Phu Quoc.
Mui Hang beach
Go to Mui Hang, you can dive to watch coral, or do fishing, camping ... Photo: Highlands.

Bai Kem beach

The beach in top of the most beautiful beaches on this planet are not to be missed in the southern island of Phu Quoc. This beach is famous for its poetic scenery with bow-shaped beach, fine white sand, pristine rocky beaches, and Gieng Tien right by the sea but not salty. Close to Bai Kem Beach is Ong Doi Cape - where you can watch both the sunset and sunrise at the same point.

Although both Bai Kem Beach and Ong Doi Cape are well-known, the experience that not many people have tried is to resort at Bai Kem. Here, visitors can both enjoy the panoramic view of the beach, while enjoying two moments of sunset and sunrise at the same time. You can stay at the romantic Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort at Mui Ong Doi, to be immersed in the sea and sky of Phu Quoc, watch the sunrise and sunset from your own villa.
Bai Kem beach
Kem Beach impresses with fine white sand, pristine rocky beaches ... Photo: Highlands.
If you choose Bai Kem, J.W Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay is the right address for you. This is the 5-star resort ranked 6th in the top 100 most luxurious resorts on the planet. Right on the balcony of the guest rooms designed with inspiration from the university's faculties, you can zoom in to fully capture the beauty of Bai Kem Beach. Staying here is considered one of the unforgettable experiences in the life of an upscale traveler.

If the financial condition is not enough to stay at the resort where the Indian billionaire chose to get married for 7 days, you can rent a 5-star condotel Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, also located right next to Bai Kem Beach. Immerse yourself in the 5,000m2 wide overflowing pool that reaches to the ocean, that leaving you with many unforgettable moments.

Hon Thom Island

This is the main island of the Hon Thom archipelago, impressed with clear sea water, pristine rocky beaches, evergreen coconut groves. Bai Nom, Bai Chuong and Bai Trao here score thanks to fine white sand and clear water.
Hon Thom Island
The cable car will take you to Hon Thom Island to experience many exciting activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing. Photo: Highlands.
Sitting on a cable car to Hon Thom Island is one way for you to have the best views of the South Phu Quoc Island and Hon Thom Island. The longest cable car in the world connects from An Thoi town to Hon Roi, Hon Dua to Hon Thom.

Fun activities on Hon Thom Island include scuba diving to see corals, renting a boat or canoe to visit uninhabited islands, or playing games at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park like kayaking, surfing board with canoe, canoe drawing parachute, water motorcycle... If you are not a lover of water sports, you just need to lie on the white sand beach and listen to the soft waves ...

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