48 hours of entertainment in Ninh Binh

Hoa Lu ancient capital
In addition to mountain goats, burnt rice with paste or sauce, rolled meat... are also specialties that cause missed memories for tourists who have visited the ancient capital.

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Ninh Binh is nearly 100 km from the center of Hanoi, taking 1.5-2 hours to move. Due to convenient transportation and many famous tourist areas, this is one of the ideal places for weekend picnics. Visitors can reach the ancient capital by train (stop station in Ninh Binh city), or cars (ticket price 100,000 to 150,000 VND).

Day 1: Temple of Bai Dinh - Hoa Lu

You should leave Hanoi from 6 am to get to Ninh Binh at 8 am. When passing Phu Ly, visitors can stop for breakfast. Famous specialties of Ha Nam land are spring rolls, anabas pancake. The price of each is about 30,000 VND.

The first suggested place for you is Bai Dinh pagoda - the largest temple in Ninh Binh. Here, you walk around or travel by tram (30,000 VND per person per turn). Many visitors often stop at the Guan Yin Buddha temple to celebrate a ceremony, offering incense. You can go to the bell tower to see the great bell weighing 36 tons.

Some palaces that tourists often call at when visiting the pagoda are Phap Chu (including 5 compartments, the nave placed Buddha statue which is 10m tall and weighing 100 tons), Tam The temple ... There is a vegetarian restaurant in the temple to serve lunch.
Hoa Lu ancient capital
The entrance fee to visit the temple of Dinh and Le Kings is 20,000 VND per person.
After lunch break, you stop at Hoa Lu ancient capital, 6 km from Bai Dinh pagoda. This is one of the four core areas of Trang An world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. Here, you visit the temple of King Dinh (Dinh Tien Hoang), King Le (Le Dai Hanh) and listen to the guide introducing. These two temples were built in the 17th century, around having many trees.
Hoa Lu ancient capital
Not far away is the "Broken Love Ravine", one of the "virtual living" favorite places among young people.
In the evening, guests can stay overnight at Bai Dinh hotel (room rates from 700,000 VND a night), or 4-star Hoang Son hotels (room price of nearly 2,000,000 VND).

Day 2: Trang An eco-tourism area

The resort is located in the center of Trang An scenic complex. This place is known as the majestic mountains with small winding rivers, pristine valleys ...
Trang An eco-tourism area
The ticket for the tours visiting Trang An is 200,000 VND for adults and 100,000 VND for children under 1.4 m. The accompanying tour guide will cost 300,000 VND per tour.
Here, you can choose one of 3 boat tours to visit the caves. The first route will take visitors through 9 caves, Trinh temple - Tran temple - Khong palace. Route 2 goes through 4 caves and Cao Son holy temple - Vu Lam palace - Tran temple Fairy spring and Kong: Skull Island film studio. Route 3 includes 3 caves, Trinh temple - Tran temple Fairy spring - Vu Lam palace and Kong film studio. The time to visit each tour lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

What to eat in Ninh Binh?

Mountain goat meat: Goat in Ninh Binh is grazed on rocky mountains so the meat is firm and fragrant. The dishes are made from goat meat including underdone with lemon, kept with rice husks, leg stewed with Chinese traditional medicine, grilled brisket, grilled guts or five spices stew.

Burnt rice: A famous specialty no less mountain goat, burnt rice is often served with sauces in restaurants, or packaged with paste for tourists to conveniently buy as gifts.

In addition, you can also enjoy other delicacies such as fish salad, vermicelli noodles, sticky rice with ant egg ...

Brief information:

Some tourism events held in Ninh Binh - the host of the National Tourism Year 2020:

Bai Dinh pagoda festival (January 30) and lasts throughout the spring at the spiritual cultural tourism area of Bai Dinh and Gia Vien pagodas.

Bao Ban Non Khe V Festival (February 6-7) at Non Khe communal house, Yen Tu commune, Yen Mo.

Hoa Lu Festival (April 1-3) at Hoa Lu Ancient Capital Historical - Cultural Area, Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu.

Dau Temple Festival (February 8 - March 26), at Dau Temple, Nam Son Ward, Tam Diep City.

Dau Pagoda Festival (March 24-26), at Dau pagoda in Khanh Hoa commune, Yen Khanh.

From August 26 to August 30, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism organizes a survey of tourism products in Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Ninh Binh and Ha Nam.

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