Tuesday, September 3, 2019

5 experiences in Ipoh

A 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is a place with unique culture and culinary attractions.

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Ipoh, Malaysia.

Visiting the "golden triangle"

The "Golden Triangle" includes three attractions in the central area: Ipoh Railway Station, City Hall and City Court. Most of the architecture here is built in the British royal style. Ipoh station has been around since 1917, being referred to as Ipoh's "Taj Mahal" by Moroccan art style. The town hall is an ideal place for tourists to take photos. About a 5-minute walk away is the pristine white city court and the giant Birch Memorial clock tower - one of the 24 attractions on the city heritage map. Photo: airellizwan.
Ipoh, Malaysia.

Take a stroll on the historic Concubine path

The afternoon is the ideal time to take a leisurely stroll on Lorong Panglima Road, also known as Concubine Road. It brings excitement to visitors by the white and red umbrellas hanging alternately in rows on high.

Concubine is a Chinese neighborhood. This place is not only impressed by the ancient architecture but also attracts visitors with typical Chinese dishes such as tofu, egg tart cake, Hainanese chicken rice, rolled fish noodles. Photo: NavinTar.
Ipoh, Malaysia.

Admire the art of street painting

Street painting has become a new trend in many cities in Malaysia, revitalizing old streets. Like some streets and small alleys in Penang, visitors will also find in Ipoh frescoes painted with visual effects. Visitors can visit the Jalan market, Jalan Tun Sambanthan .... to admire the beauty of street painting art. Photo: Nokuro.
Ipoh, Malaysia.

Discover the "happy cave"

Kek Look Tong cave pagoda, in Malaysia meaning "happy cave", is an ancient architecture on the outskirts of Ipoh. The path to the cave is two rows of stairs shaped like a carp. Inside the cave represents the stomach of the fish - contains luck and happiness. There are also many bronze, glass Buddha statues and Taoists and stalactites of many unique shapes. The surrounding garden is carefully trimmed with a fish tank and a lotus pond to create a fairy place. Photo: gracethang2.
Ipoh, Malaysia.

Discover cuisine

A specialty that visitors cannot ignore in Ipoh is white coffee. Coffee beans are roasted with butter and no sugar. White coffee when drinking has a light fragrance, extremely especial sweetness taste. "White" here does not refer to the color of coffee but it means "pure, unadulterated", just how to roast coffee beans without any doping. Photo: Julie Mayfeng.
Ipoh, Malaysia.
Ipoh also owns typical dishes such as Hakka noodles (Hakka-style noodles), Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun (a kind of spring rolls served with sweet spicy sauce), Hainanese-style chicken rice, especially traditional tofu( Tau fu fah).

Possessing many "check-in" points that are both full and eye-catching, providing diverse experiences, Ipoh is a "hot" destination in Malaysia. In addition, from Ipoh, you can also go to Gopeng town (about 25 minutes) to explore the caves and take part in adventure games. Photo: wonderfoolphoto.

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