Wednesday, September 25, 2019

7 signs that you need to travel more

7 signs that you need to travel more
Many people often share that they are "addicted" to traveling that there is no cure for this "disease". However, how to assert that you are a tourist believer?

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1. You still haven't come across most of the famous landmarks in the country

Although you have the opportunity to make many trips abroad but have not discovered all the domestic tourist destinations, it proves that you have not appreciated the beauty close to you. Planning to fully explore the beauty of the homeland will be a "springboard" to help you feel new things of the outside world, because after all, "foreign goods" are not always all good.
7 signs that you need to travel more

2. You have never gone ... lost

If you can't recall the time you were miserable because you lost your way, and were left in an unfamiliar place, you still haven't traveled enough. Traveling in its most natural form is not only good things, it always includes ups and downs and unexpected incidents.

3. You often "show off" the fruits of your trip

People who consider traveling to be passionate and travel a lot, they never like to brag about their "achievements". Traveling to them is like a necessity of life, just like people need to eat and drink to survive. And if you can describe everything you learn from the tour, you still need to add yourself a lot more trips.
7 signs that you need to travel more

4. You have got travel inspiration from others

If you've traveled enough, you're the one who will inspire your travel to those around you, through pictures on your blog or interesting stories, rather than planning due to others who inspired you.

5. You have no international friends

Experienced travelers will always have international friends to talk to them every time they go on the Internet, because through travel everywhere they give them the opportunity to make friends with many exciting friends. If you do not currently have any foreign friends, take the time to travel outside and add to your connection.
7 signs that you need to travel more
6. You have never created, or refreshed the list of places you want to visit
This is a mistake that a lot of travelers make, many people travel somewhere maybe by improvisation, but making lists of destinations and doing it, will show you that, places you went is really too meager. When you truly pursue your passion for travel, you will constantly add your future destinations.

7. You haven't lived your life in every moment

You can't immediately recall the great moments of the travels you've been through, only this shows that on the trip you didn't really live in every moment. But how to know if you live in every moment when traveling? It's very simple, just close your eyes and immediately remember the great things from the trip, the people you met, the beautiful scenery there, the food you ate ... without having to return back to that place again.
7 signs that you need to travel more

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