Monday, September 9, 2019

8 interesting eating and playing spots not to be missed when visiting Venice

If you travel to the romantic city of Italy, you should definitely visit these fascinating places.

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1. Accademia Art Academy

Accademia di Belle Arti
Coming to Accademia di Belle Arti, you seem to be going back in time to Venice in the Renaissance. Cultural characteristics, the power and incredible contrast between rich and poor, are all presented in Veronese paintings. This is an indispensable stop for art lovers.

2. San Giorgio Maggiore Tower

San Giorgio Maggiore Tower
Want to see the whole of Venice, you should definitely go to the roof of this city which is San Giorgio Maggiore tower. Try to go in the early morning to enjoy the picturesque city view and this is the time when there are the least tourists of the day.

3. Square of Santa Margherita

 Square of Santa Margherita
Sitting for a few hours in Campo Santa Margherita square and sipping a cup of coffee at nearby cafes will help you enjoy the daily life of the indigenous people in Venice. This is the way to feel the rhythm of life here honestly.

4. Enjoy gelato ice cream

Enjoy gelato ice cream
Gelateria Alaska serves absolutely unique ice cream. All flavors are created in-store by owner Carlo, who likes to prepare special flavors. The ice cream of this shop has a gentle flavor, not too sweet and it is definitely a dish not to be missed when coming to Venice.

5. Acqua Alta book store

Acqua Alta book store
The Acqua Alta bookstore is not like normal, it attracts tourists thanks to the very unique decoration. Get ideas from floods, high tides, how to decorate book on boats, unique tubs of this place is interesting points to make you enjoy.

6. Eat Cicchetti at Al Bottegon

Eat Cicchetti at Al Bottegon
This bar is located on one of the most beautiful canals in Dorsoduro and it is owned and operated by three generations of a family. Al Bottegon's owner, Luisa, is the master at creating creative cicchetti snacks. Cicchetti dishes including slices of bread with many kinds of attractive toppings will make you not to be missed. You can choose a variety of fillings such as thinly sliced pork served with honey, soft cheese topped with pesto or tuna with mayonnaise and cocoa. This is a famous delicious snack in Venice.

7. Visit handicrafts workshops

Visit handicrafts workshops in Venice
The artisan workshop is part of the vibrant local culture in Venice. If you visit Venice, remember to support the local artists and artisans. You can see the glass jewelry made by Moulaye Niang, a glass master at Muranero, which always produces products with only one piece.

Take a look at hand-crafted books at Paolo Olbi where artisans always use high quality parchment and marble. These are places that sell really unique products of Venice.

8. Going to the market

Going to the market in Venice
The market is a central part of the local culture and at Rialto, you can find all kinds of fresh seafood from the locals. There is also a vegetable and fruit barge located on the southern edge of Santa Santa Margherita and they sell locally grown produce right on the canal.

The market is open every day except Sundays, break during lunch. Try to go early in the morning to be able to shop and harmonize the shopping atmosphere like the locals.

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