9 hottest places on the planet still inhabited

Europe is suffering a record heatwave. However, in some areas of the world, this temperature is a "feast" for people.

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Death Valley, California, USA
Death Valley, California, USA: This place holds the record for the hottest air temperature ever recorded, with the number reaching 56.7 degrees C in the summer of 1913, reaching the limit of survival of the human. The average temperature here is about 47 degrees Celsius in the summer. This place is also the driest place in the United States. Photo: Sunset Magazine.
Death Valley, California, USA
About 300 people live in this area. However, the number of people emigrating is increasing. Death Valley is a tourist attraction thanks to the miraculously changing landscape and the unexpected "revival" of trees when it rains. Photo: Stbarbmassillon.
Aziziyah, Libya
Aziziyah, Libya: The former capital of Jafara district was recorded as the hottest place on earth with a temperature of 58 degrees Celsius in 1922. However, this title was revoked in 2012, when meteorologists declared that these measurements are not accurate for a variety of reasons. Currently, the town of more than 20,000 people still experiences temperatures above 48 degrees Celsius during the summer. Photo: Atlas & Boots.
Dallol, Ethiopia
Dallol, Ethiopia: This hydrothermal region has salt mines, acidic hot springs and geysers, with an average daily temperature of 41 degrees Celsius, the highest level of heat in the inhabited areas on earth. Contrary to the imagination, the whole region has more than 83,000 people. The mining industry here is very developed. Photo: Detayphoto.
Wadi Halfa, Sudan
Wadi Halfa, Sudan: This hot city is located on the banks of Nubia Lake, almost no rain throughout the year. June is the hottest month here with an average temperature of 41 degrees C, can be up to 53 degrees C. Photo: Hanming_huang.
Tirat Zvi, Israel
Tirat Zvi, Israel: The record temperature here is 53-54 degrees Celsius and the average annual temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. This neighborhood has many impressive religious buildings and unique cultures. Photo: Fineartamerica.
Timbuktu, Mali
Timbuktu, Mali: The city on the southern edge of the Sahara is even hotter in the winter, with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius in January. The highest temperature recorded here is 49 degrees Celsius. Photo: Frank Janssens.
Kebili, Tunisia
Kebili, Tunisia: This desert town is famous for its high-quality dates, the kind of plant that withstands the average temperature of 40 degrees Celsius in the summer. The highest temperature recorded here is up to 55 degrees Celsius. Photo: Insight Guides.
Ghadames, Libya
Ghadames, Libya: This desert oasis is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its mud-covered houses, the architecture that protects 7,000 residents from the burning heat. Considered "desert pearls", the average temperature in Ghadames is 40 degrees Celsius, the highest can reach 55 degrees C. Photo: Road Affair.
Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran
Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran
Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran: This city not only has a high temperature but also comes with alarm moisture, which makes the air stuffy and hot. The record high temperature here is up to 51 degrees Celsius. Photo: Strange Sounds.

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