Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A dreamy, magnificent Hue viewed from above

Either mysterious, bustling or peaceful, dreaming, the ancient land still fascinates the tourists from all directions and imprints deep in the hearts of Hue people.

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Huong River
Located on the banks of the poetic Huong River, Hue is not only a place to preserve historical values, traditional culture but also the most charming landscapes on the S-shaped strip of land. Huong river, Ngu mountain and many architectural works of Hue has become a hard-to-miss destination in the trip exploring the country.
Huong River
Huong River: The land of the ancient capital has sown love in a sweet voice resounding on the boat rowing amidst the peaceful Huong stream. The lyrics are filled with the sentiments of the sincere and simple people of Hue. Hue lingered in the slender long dress of the young woman flying in the gentle breeze or lightly inclined in the poem hat.
Truong Tien Bridge
Truong Tien Bridge: Hue is ancient but not old. Another part of the ancient capital still continues to transform and grow. Truong Tien Bridge becomes one of the symbols of Hue, the pride of the ancient capital people. The image of the taciturn bridge across Huong River has made many people fascinated and passionate.
Truong Tien Bridge
On weekend nights, we see the striking and vibrant Trang Tien Bridge in sparkling colorful wings with thousands of shimmering lights changing colors continuously. Gracefully shining on the poetic Huong River, the bridge is over 100 years old with a unique architecture that has witnessed many ups and downs of Hue history.
Chuon lagoon
Chuon lagoon: Chuon lagoon is immense with water waves, dotted with small fisherman boats captivating travelers once visited. The scene becomes even more fanciful, mesmerizing and touching people at dawn or dusk. The colors of red, yellow and orange blend together, melting into endless space, creating a peaceful beauty for the famous fishing village of the dreamland.
Thuy Tien lake Park
Thuy Tien lake Park: A lot of tourists when coming to Hue want to go to Thuy Tien Lake located on Thien An hill. In the middle of the lake is a water park with a giant dragon model. Despite being closed for a long time, this place still attracts young people to check-in because of their old, magical look.
Vi Da village
Vi Da village: Remembering Hue, people remember the bell of Thien Mu pagoda resounding in the dusky shadow of the afternoon, the solemn image of Thien An Monastery, the ancient Citadel ... and peaceful Vi Da village lying beside riverside of Huong river. Over thousands of years of history, today's Vi Da has changed a lot. Besides the modern urban areas, this place still looms over the old roofs, gardens, areca trees and everyday people cherish and preserve the reputation for the old, dreamy land.
Thien An Monastery
Thien An Monastery: Located on Thien An hill, surrounded by vast pine forests, Thien An Monastery is one of the rare Catholic monasteries with Asian architectural beauty. This is originally not a place to visit or relax but has a strange attraction, making visitors unable to leave.

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