Monday, September 9, 2019

Bizarre "speech" statues

Storing nearly 500 art sculptures by artist Veijo Ronkkonen, the Parikkala sculpture park in Finland is the place that challenges even the bravest people ...

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The planet's most bizarre sculpture park is located deep in the Parikkala forest in Finland. Each statue here represents a different state of emotion from hope, joy to fear, tragedy. Many humanoid works expose white teeth that make viewers terrified.
Parikkala sculpture park
Haunting statues at the Parikkala sculpture park.
The author of the bizarre statues - Veijo Ronkkonen, used to be a worker in a Finnish paper mill. After that, he quit his job, moved to a small farm near Parikkala forest and lived a closed life, silently building concrete statues. He completed his first sculpture in 1961, always welcoming visitors to the site, but refused to promote them.

Hundreds of scary statues at the park challenge even the bravest people. The first time visitors arrive, most visitors feel scared. The "stone people" own weird faces, scary smiles in different sitting, standing poses, haunting. However, the park still holds a strange attraction, with an estimated 25,000 visitors each year.

Ronkkonen used to practice yoga in the 1960s. Therefore, besides the desire to touch cultures, religions and rituals, many of the works here have a similarity to the people who made them, showing inner life of Ronkkonen. There are 200 statues that are artists' self-portraits, in many postures at a yoga session.
Parikkala sculpture park

Parikkala sculpture park

Parikkala sculpture park

Parikkala sculpture park
Many of the works here are haunting with a big grin and emitting a sound from the throat.
Most of the images are people covered with green moss. They are nuns, men in traditional Finnish costumes, children and women in daily activities. Some sculptures are optimistic, expressing wishes and aspirations. While the other statues create a sense of uncertainty, from weakness to aggression.

As if to add to the creepy, overcast appearance, the artist also attached speakers that emitted cryptic mumbling sounds inside some of the statues. The Veijo Ronkkonen sculpture park is open to the public, it's important that you have the courage to visit or not.

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