Chuon and Tam Giang Lagoons are poetic in check-in photos of young people

With peaceful space and values bearing the tense identity of Hue, Chuon lagoon, Tam Giang Lagoon is a place you cannot ignore when coming to the ancient capital.

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About 15 km from Hue city center, Chuon lagoon is part of the Tam Giang lagoon system. This place has the appearance of vast land with water and truth and honest images of people. Photo: Thaorhihi, ni281295.
At each different time of the day, Chuon Lagoon wears a new, charming, casual and movingly beautiful appearance. Therefore, coming here at any time of the day, you will feel the full beauty of this place. In particular, the scene becomes more magical in the early morning and at sunset, this is also the time when photographers come to hunt for beautiful pictures. Photo: Dangle.baongoc, hnhung98.
You can choose to move on small boats to visit Chuon lagoon. The fresh scenery with gentle sunshine and wind will help you feel more relaxed and light. In addition, you can participate in activities such as catching seafood, fishing ... Many young people do not forget to check-in beautiful photos here. Photo: Mnhii_, suongsyn.
Known as the largest brackish lagoon in Southeast Asia, Tam Giang Lagoon has a pristine, quiet feature that makes everyone fall in love with every visit. Tam Giang Lagoon covers an area of about 52 km2, stretching about 24 km in the direction of Northwestern - Southeastern from O Lau estuary to Huong estuary. Photo: Thuykieu.2802, anhhthuu98.
The best time to visit Tam Giang lagoon is early morning and late afternoon. At this time, you will have the opportunity to welcome the dawn of the day, let your soul admire the beauty of the sunset. Photo:, trungduc_photographer.
Coming to Tam Giang lagoon, you must definitely visit the Thai Duong Ha fishing village, Ru Chá mangroves ... places that will help you feel more clearly about the scenery and the path of Hue. From Hue, it is easy to travel to Tam Giang along National Highway 1A by motorbike. Just visiting Tam Giang, Chuon lagoon one day is enough to feel the beauty of this ancient lagoon. Photo: _hino98_, tranquangdai.

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