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Co To travel experience in 3 days 2 nights

Co To is a tourist destination near Hanoi, suitable for a few-day trip, the budget is not too high but still has the opportunity to "live virtual" with many beautiful check-in points.

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Co To travel experience
Co To is one of the most pristine and beautiful islands in Quang Ninh, attracting many tourists, especially young people.

1. Move

Starting from Hanoi to Co To, you will have to travel two stages: from Hanoi - Cai Rong port and from the port - Co To Island.

- From Hanoi to Quang Ninh, there are many vehicles for you to choose such as motorbike, bus or train, but to travel the most convenient and fast, you should choose to book a bus ticket. The bus leaves from Hanoi at 1:30 am, arrives at Cai Rong port at around 5 am, just in time to buy a boat ticket from the port to Co To Island.

Bus ticket price: 160K / turn/ person

- To reach Co To Island, traveling by high-speed boat takes more than 1 hour, the boat is large and smooth, but the waves are quite large, so sometimes the boat shakes quite strongly. One advice for those prone to seasickness is not to eat too much before taking the boat, choose seats in the middle and the bottom of the ship and absolutely not to see the floating waves outside.

The boat's operating hours may vary due to weather or port arrangement, to ensure a trip, you should book a boat ticket about 1 week in advance. The earliest trip departs from 6:30 am to 6:30 am (depending on the carrier) and the latest trip is at 15:00.

Boat ticket price: 250K / tunr/ person
Co To travel experience
To reach Co To Island, it will take you about 6 hours via two phases of the bus and high-speed train
Traveling in Co To Island: If traveling in a crowded group, you should choose to travel by tram of the accommodation, which is both clean, cool, airy, the price per person is not too expensive. You can also rent a motorbike and pour gas to drive yourself, for 200K /car/day.

- Tram price: VND 150 - 300K / 7-12 seat car depending on destination

2. Staying at Co To

Co To is a wild place, but it is famous for owning many lovely homestays, close to nature and spoiled the virtual living corners that are loved by young people like Coto Eco Louge, Coto Life, Coto Village, ... In addition, coming to Co To, you can also stay at hotels and motels if only for relaxing and there is no need to take virtual living photos. If you want to relax and explore at the same time, you can choose Coto Life - a mini-resort or homestay located close to the beautiful Hong Van beach.
Co To travel experience
The mini resort Coto Life in the middle of the primeval forest.
- Advantages: Homestay is built in the form of bungalow, located in the middle of peaceful scenery of Co To with one side is the sea view, the other is the primeval forest so extremely close to nature. Coto Life is designed with 100% natural wooden bungalows, roofs covered with thatched grass on Co To Island, each large and small bungalow has a balcony for you to comfortably capture virtual living moments.

- Disadvantages: Because of being close to nature, in the middle of the forest, it is inevitable that some insects such as mosquitoes, bugs, etc., may appear, you should prepare insect repellent.
Co To travel experience
This place is close to nature, right next to the beautiful Hong Van beach.
- Room rates here are 800,000 - 1 million VND /bungalow/night from Sunday - Friday and 1.1 - 1.4 million VND /bungalow/night weekend (free breakfast and shuttle from the port to the resort).

3. Eating and drinking on Co To Island

Do not rush to think that Co To is a pristine island, there is no interesting specialty for you to enjoy. Coming to Co To, you can sit by the beach to enjoy a delicious freshly baked seafood party, processed and served right at the homestay including crabs, nail snails, fresh oysters, ... You have another choice: Find some quite famous restaurants in Co To such as Tuy Thanh, Binh An kitchen (eat outdoors at the beach of love), ... to order your favorite food.
Co To travel experience
Co To's specialties are fresh seafood, in addition, there are many snack shops and cafes in town.
Not only is the specialty of fresh seafood, in the town area is full of snack shops such as the world of tea, fried rice with seafood restaurant Co To Plus, Golden Pub Coffee, especially Kai Tea milk tea for "Milk tea devotees", ... In addition, before the trip, you can buy some dry food such as bread, canned meat, sausage and milk in case of hunger or to "eat" at night.
4. Sightseeing and taking virtual living photos on Co To Island
Hong Van Beach
Co To travel experience
Hong Van Beach has pristine beauty, clear seawater, fine sand for you to take photos freely.
The first destination is also a must-visit when visiting Co To is Hong Van beach. The beach is quite clean, the water is clear, the sand is smooth and especially not crowded and noisy like some other famous tourist spots, which is very peaceful and gentle, so extremely ideal for you to comfortably pose taking a photo and enjoy your own moments.
Co To travel experience
Hong Van beach area is quite deserted, suitable for those who like peace.
In addition, the beach serves a lot of entertainment services such as renting rowing boats, canoes, banana boats, Coto Park buoy houses, ... for those who love to experience.
Cau My rock beach, Mong Rong rock beach
Co To travel experience
The beauty of Cau My Rock beach attracts many believers of traveling to explore.
Located about 2km apart, depending on your preferences, you can choose to go to Cau My Rock beach or Mong Rong Rock beach to visit and check-in. Large waves rushing to the shore, creating white foam, large and small rocks of diverse colors stacked on top of each other, the top of the largest rock cluster is the flagpole - for those who love to explore and conquer.

The rocky beach is a place for you to take virtual living photos and enjoy the view of the sea forever but you must quickly leave to visit other destinations.
Co To travel experience
If you have the opportunity, wake up early to catch the dawn at Cau My Rock beach.


On your way to the rocks, you stop at the lighthouse. To reach the lighthouse you will have to climb 2km of ramps, but now there is a motorbike taxi service that takes you to the place for 50K / vehicle. There is a small note that you can only see the lighthouse and take pictures, not climb up to see the whole view of Co To.
Au Cang quay
Co To travel experience
To Co To, how can you forget to visit Au Cang?
Au Cang is a place in Co To that no young people do not check-in on the trip, giving you pictures that are like traveling in Europe. Just over 1km from Cau My Rock, when you come to Au Cang and stand on high, you will be able to witness all of the shipping boats moving into the island, which is like taking the whole Co To into sight, immense wind, and feeling extremely excited.
Co To travel experience
From above, you can see the whole scene of busy boats and ships on Co To Island.

Co To Con island

As an uninhabited island, Co To con (little Co To island) attracts the most tourists of Co To archipelago because of its beautiful pristine beaches, more than 1 km from Co To. You should go early in the morning to catch the sunshine at Co To con at the best time and save the beautiful pictures, try sleeping on the beach tent, very interesting for those who love the new feeling.

Ticket price for a wooden boat to To Co Con: 700k /boat/maximum of 12 people.
Co To Con attracts the most tourists of Co To archipelago because of its beautiful pristine beach.

The love road

Traveling to Co To Island, you will surely hear about a romantic road called Love Road, flanked by two rows of green trees swaying by the wind. Whether walking or cycling along this road is also extremely romantic and peaceful, not inferior to the scenes in Korean movies.
Co To travel experience
Do not forget to save beautiful pictures on the romantic love road.
In addition, Co To also has destinations such as:

- Van Chay Beach: big waves but slightly cloudy water so you can take pictures rather than go to the beach to swim.

- Love Beach: In addition to swimming, you can enjoy grilled seafood at the famous Binh An Kitchen in Co To.

- Uncle Ho Monument: near the center of the town.

- Uncle Ho beach
Co To travel experience
You will have an unforgettable moment as traveling to Co To island.

5. Cost of playing on Co To Island during 3 days 2 nights

- Transportation expenses (including car tickets, boat tickets and moving on the island): VND 5 million / 5 people

- Accommodation cost: VND 3.8 million / 5 people

- All food expenses (including meals on the island and ready-to-eat food): VND 3.6 million / 5 people

With the cost of about 2.5 million VND / friend, you can have fun without spending money so much, relax and eat as much as you want on Co To Island for 3 days 2 nights, too suitable for a short trip in a few days with the group of close friends.
Co To travel experience
Co To island is suitable for groups of close friends with budget expenditure.

Co To is still a fairly pristine island today, a good destination for young people who love lightness and peace without wanting to move too far.

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