Sunday, September 8, 2019

Destinations should come in Edinburgh

In addition to beautiful natural scenery, the Scottish capital also owns many ancient buildings, with a long history.

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When visiting Edinburgh, visitors can visit the ancient castles, the dormant volcanoes, and the majestic cliffs. The following are suggested places for your journey to this city.

Edinburgh castle

Located precariously on the ancient citadel of Castle Rock, the castle is a complex with many attractions such as towers, prisons, palaces ... The castle was built in the 12th century and experienced many ups and downs in the history of the United Kingdom. The monument was also once home to the royal family of Scotland. When coming here, visitors will be fascinated by the beauty of the majestic volcanic rock area.
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle is one of the best-preserved ancient fortresses. Photo: Hesprodenin Castle.

Royal Botanical Garden

Built hundreds of years ago, Edinburgh Botanical Garden is a place to conserve biodiversity with rare plants in the world. Currently, the botanical garden owns more than 27,000 plants, divided into 13,000 plant species. Here, visitors can walk and learn about the characteristics and uses of many plants.

"The throne" of King Arthur

Arthur’s Seat is a hill on the east side, 2.5 km from Edinburgh ancient citadel. This is the remains of an ancient volcano dating back 350 million years. The top of the hill is 250 meters high. From here, you can watch the whole ancient city of Scotland and the sunset scene in the summer.
Arthur’s Seat mountain.
The hill bears the name of a famous king in the history of England. Photo: Wikipedia.

Dean Village

An old village in the northwest of Edinburgh, Dean is also known as the "Leith water mill village". This is a prosperous hamlet for 800 years, with the mill operating with the support of the Leith river flow. Visitors can admire the ancient architectural buildings, which are home to the local workers at the water mill.
Dean Village, Edinburgh.
The word Dean comes from Dene, meaning deep valley. Photo: Stuff Edinburgh.
In addition to Edinburgh, visitors to the UK can visit famous cities such as London, Manchester, Oxford and Nottingham.

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