Sunday, September 29, 2019

England: The 'ghost village' has no people, and it is only open for 50 days a year

Imber village
In the Salisbury region, the south of England has a "ghost village" where people are not allowed to stay and the government only allows visitors to visit this place 50 days a year.

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Imber village
Most of the time "ghost village" is not open. (Source: PA)
Just before Christmas 1943, residents were ordered to leave Imber village in Salisbury so that British and American soldiers could prepare to attack Europe. Since then, they have never been allowed to return home and the village is still part of the British Department of Defense's Salisbury Plain training area.

The images recorded in this place show the devastation, to the horror. The buildings were abandoned, dilapidated with dark entrances and bricked windows.

The only intact construction is Giles Church and this is also an attraction in Imber.

"Ghost Village" is currently only open to the public 50 days a year. Authorities began allowing tours to the site in 2009. An estimated 5,000 visitors arrived on the opening day of Saturday last week.

Sir Peter Hendy, president of Network Rail and a member of the executive board of the bus company Imberbus, announced on the BBC that Imber is the "most mysterious place" to use the bus service.

"Most of the time the village is not open. No one lives there so this is absolutely the perfect place to provide 1 hour and 15 minute bus service a day each year. Last year we contributed 13,000 pounds (nearly 370 million VND) and all that money was donated to the church ".

This year, for the first time in 20 years, the church in the ghost village has conducted a baptism for an English soldier stationed in Salisbury.

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