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Experience of self-sufficient Laos travel

Experience of self-sufficient Laos travel
Laos is one of three Indochina countries and the country is quite close to Vietnam. Laos, also known as Trieu Voi and Van Tuong, is poetic and peaceful, adorned by the Mekong River as a valuable undiscovered precious jewelry.

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Experience of self-sufficient Laos travel
Lao beauty. 
Let's learn about self-sufficient Laos travel experiences that are so you can explore this beautiful country on your own. Let's see what is interesting about this country that attracts so many tourists.

1. When to travel to Laos?

You can travel to Laos at any time of the year. But before traveling to Laos, you need to know the exact season of this country to prepare sunscreen or rain gear. Laos also has two seasons: summer and winter.

Northern Laos (including the ancient capital of Luang Prabang) has a 4-season climate. Central and southern Laos has hot summers and heavy rains in the rainy season.

It is advisable to travel at least 5 days just enough time for you to reach the most famous destinations in Laos such as jars field in Xieng Khouang, the ancient capital of Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng town and Vientiane capital. If you have more time, you can come to Southern Laos or Upper Laos to discover more interesting features in this country.

2. Prepare money when traveling Laos

The Lao money unit is Kip. Accordingly, the exchange rate is 1 USD = 23,000 VND = 8,000 Kip. This exchange rate may change from time to time. Lao people are quite gentle and easygoing, in tourist destinations, they accept to use many different currencies such as Kip, Baht, as well as USD, VND.

With tourists in Hanoi can exchange Kip money in Laos banks, Laos - Vietnam joint venture banks or on Ha Trung street. A simple way that self-sufficient Lao tourists use is to bring USD or VND and exchange it at the border. The difference in exchange rates here is also negligible
Experience of self-sufficient Laos travel
Traveling Laos by air.

3. Transportation in Laos

Transportation in Laos in general, public transport is not developed, taxis are only available in big cities but not so much because private vehicles here are quite cheap due to they do not have to pay import taxes, so most people buy their own cars. Locals often use renovated tuk-tuks from freight cars or tractors.

Regarding your stay, when traveling in Laos you can easily find 1-star to 5-star hotels in tourist cities. Hotel prices in Laos are similar to prices in Vietnam. You will be surprised when you visit some Vientiane hotels, receptionists and Vietnamese-speaking waiters are well because there are so many Vietnamese people living and doing business in Laos.
Experience of self-sufficient Laos travel
Lao cuisine.

4. Cuisine

Lao cuisine is a bit mixed with the cuisine of neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam or Thailand: sour, sweet and spicy are often found in Lao dishes. However, this country still has some very unique dishes. Here are some typical dishes of Laos for you to refer and get the most useful information.

- Khao niao: popularly used in Lao's meals. However, it is more glutinate and sticky than regular white rice in Vietnam

- Khao niao moon: similar to sticky rice in Vietnam but in Laos famous for its durian and mango flavor, this dish is also used as a dessert after meals. You should enjoy this dish at least once to know how it tastes better and more special than regular sticky rice dishes in Vietnam.

- Tam maal hun: a typical papaya salad of Laos. Laos papaya salad is quite tasty and has an indisputable characteristic flavor.

- Kai yang: chicken meat, this dish is quite easy to eat and is served as a main dish in meals of Laotian people.

5. Interesting destination in Laos

Places to visit are an indispensable element in every article about Laos travel experience self-sufficient.

Vientiane: The capital of Laos has famous attractions that you should visit such as Pha That Luang, Wat Simuang or Sisaket pagoda, statue garden, Patuxay victory monument, ...

Vang Vieng: 4 hours from Vientiane capital by bus to the North. This is considered a midpoint and a stopover for visitors when traveling from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. However, the majestic mountains and forests here have attracted more tourists than a regular resting place. 

The ancient capital of Luang Prabang: is considered one of the most charming and quiet cities of Southeast Asia and is the place worth your time and money when you come to this country of millions of elephants.

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