Explore Hanoi in only 24 hours

You will have enough time to kayak on the West Lake early in the morning, watch Hanoi from the 65th floor, see many art shows ... in a day in Hanoi.

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Hanoi is one of the destinations with lots of interesting things to explore. During the cool Capital days, it is suitable for you to participate in outdoor activities. If only one day in Hanoi, you can experience the following activities.

The venue for fun

Discovering West Lake in the early morning: When you get up at dawn, you can drive to West Lake and experience water games like SUP paddle and kayak. SUP (Stand up paddle board) is a standing paddleboard, while kayaking is a using of boat and player can paddle. Both subjects seem to be difficult at first, but the technique is simple to play.

The best time to do SUP or kayak is usually 5h-7h. Surf on the West Lake with SUP board or kayak in a peaceful morning, you will enjoy the fresh air. You can find renting boats and boards at stores on Lac Long Quan, Au Co, Trich Sai ... with prices from 250,000 VND a day.

Enjoy the panoramic view of Hanoi from above: Coming to Hanoi, you cannot miss Lotte Observatory located on Lieu Giai Street, because this is the place to see the panoramic view of the Capital from the 65th floor. Made from transparent glass, you can take creative check-in photos from any angle. The observatory is open from 9am to the end of the day and is located in the Lotte Center shopping center so it is very convenient for shopping, eating.

Take a walking at pedestrian street and playing folk games: Every week, Ho Guom walking street is open from 6 pm on Friday until the end of Sunday, attracting a large number of people and foreign tourists. If you stay in the capital right on the weekend, you can spend some time wandering, enjoying the bustle of fun activities. You can dance bamboo, play mandarin square capturing, learn about making crafts of toy figurine, or enjoy the music and street art that takes place around Hoan Kiem Lake.
Yosakoi dance festival in Ho Guom walking street.
Yosakoi dance festival in Ho Guom walking street. Photo: Huong Chi.
See the fascinating art shows: One of the famous places in the heart of the city is the Opera House. A place with a long history with exquisite ancient French architecture will organize a My Village show, with each ticket from 700,000 VND.

If you are a fan of modern art, you can choose the Ionah show at Star Galaxy theater with a combination of performances such as circus, dance, flexible, hip hop ... The show starts at 20h on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and each ticket costs from 750,000 VND.

The essence of the North is a scenic real show held on a 4,300 m2 water stage in Da Phuc village, Quoc Oai district, 40 minutes from the center of Hanoi. The show lasts from 19h to 20h daily with the price from VND 480,000 per ticket.
The Northern Essence Show with lively scenes performed mostly on water.
The Northern Essence Show with lively scenes performed mostly on water. Photo: Huong Chi.

Food and drink address

You can enjoy breakfast in Hanoi with a bowl of Pho (Vietnamese noodle dish) or Bun (rice vermicelli) hot and flavorous cost about 30,000 VND. In addition, you can choose quick and simple dishes like sticky rice, unhatched duck eggs, meat pie ... only from VND 10,000 in street vendors. Some good places to visit for breakfast are Pho Thin, Bat Dan, Tu Lun ... or the restaurants of Hang Luoc, Hang Trong, Cau Go, Trang Tien ...

Coming to the capital, a special drink everyone must try is egg coffee. Whether walking the Ho Guom street or wandering into the old town, there are shops where these drinks are served. However, the best egg coffee is Dinh, Giang, Old Quarter Coffee, Loading T ... The price of each cup is from VND 25,000.
Egg coffee - one of the drinks not to be missed in Hanoi.
Egg coffee - one of the drinks not to be missed in Hanoi. Photo: Huong Chi.
Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake is also a time when you can explore the street food, from bread, grilled skewers, to creams of all kinds, pickled fruits, beef squash, baked rolls ... But if you want to have a full lunch or dinner, try other specialties such as Le Van Huu street grilled roll vermicelli, Ngu Xa rolled noodles, O Quan Chuong wonton noodles, La Vong grilled chopped fish...

Choose accommodation

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A RedDoorz hotel room on Hoang Cau Street.
A RedDoorz hotel room on Hoang Cau Street. Photo: RedDoorz.
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