Monday, September 30, 2019

Exploring the "doomsday" bunker worth US $ 3 million in the United States

Exploring the "doomsday" bunker worth US $ 3 million in the United States
The bunker of $ 3 million Survival Condo project is renovated from a rocket launch well with full facilities to ensure that 75 people can live here for 5 years.
During the Cold War, the US government built a series of rocket launch wells in secret locations across the United States. Some launch wells are abandoned. However, in Wichita, Kansas, a number of launch wells have been transformed into "doomsday" shelters for rich Americans for up to $ 3 million.

The above project is in the Survival Condo project. Project director Larry Hall said the price of $ 3 million that his customers have to spend not to buy luxury facilities inside these works, but the cost to ensure the certainty, sustainability of infrastructure to ensure safety when a critical situation occurs.

In 2008, Mr. Hall bought the site containing the launch wells for $ 300,000. The basement is about 15 stories deep in the ground with a wall about 2.7m thick. According to Mr. Hall, it could withstand a direct nuclear attack. He shared that the process of strengthening the launch wells to actually become safe is expensive.
Exploring the "doomsday" bunker worth US $ 3 million in the United States
Entrance to a sheltering bunker. (Source: Business Insider)
Mr. Hall's team spent about $ 20 million to turn the old rocket launch wells into a home for 12 families. They installed 3 backup power supplies, 3 separate water supplies and water filtration systems, aquaculture areas and hydroponic food. The team even came up with ways to help those in the tunnel feel that life is not turned upside down.

Therefore, they have equipped a swimming pool, gym, play areas such as climbing walls, movie theaters, dog parks.

This bunker area is designed for 75 people to live within 5 years. This idea is very supportive. They sold out the basements before it was finished.

Mr. Hall said Americans had a tendency to prepare for doomsday or events that could affect their lives for a long time. In 2017, when the US and North Korean governments were strained over nuclear issues and Pyongyang warned of launching a missile attack on the US, the number of phone calls made to Mr. Hall's staff skyrocketed.

According to Mr. Hall, the entire owners of the basements are millionaires from many fields. To meet the growing demand, Mr. Hall and the team are building another basement that is three times the size of the original size.

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