Monday, September 2, 2019

Fancifully beautiful black sand beach no one is allowed to bathe in Iceland

Reynisfjara is a world-famous black-sand beach found on the southern coast of Iceland, next to the small fishing village of Vík í Mýrdal.

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Reynisfjara beach, Iceland.
Referring to the sea, people often think of white sand stretches, green coconut trees soaring to shield the clear water from each yellow sunshine strip. Being immersed in that dreamlike scenery is the favorite of many people ... Photo: Flightnetwork.
Reynisfjara beach, Iceland.
However, there are beaches only mentioned that made many people shuddered by the swirling waves and black sand like the land of evil. That is Reynisfjara, the famous black sand beach in Iceland. Photo: Arcticadventures.
Reynisfjara beach, Iceland.
With 130 volcanoes large and small, Iceland possesses many black sand beaches born from the ashes of volcanic lava eruptions. The most famous is Vik Beach, also known as Reynisfjara, which owns beautiful black scenery. Photo: Iceland.nordicvisitor.
Reynisfjara beach, Iceland.
Located in southern Iceland, 177 km from Reykjavik, this famous black sand beach is surrounded by majestic plateaus, steep cliffs and mysterious basalt arches. In 1991, the popular National Geographic TV channel voted Reynisfjara as one of the 10 most non-tropical beaches to visit on the planet. Photo: Valerieteo.
Reynisfjara beach, Iceland.
When the volcano erupted, the lava flooded into the sea, touched the cold and broken out, which is the reason why the sand here has such a special black color. When coming here, visitors will have a completely different feeling, like stepping into the scene in a science fiction film. Photo: Ft2057.
According to Icelandic folklore, the beautiful basalt rocks that you are admiring in the past are the demons pulling ships and boats on journey into the shore. One day, they suddenly turned to stone because they could not escape in time when the sunlight came up. Photo: Nights_dreamworld, iskingtom.
Due to the intense nature of the waves, it is best not to go to Reynisfjara to swim or participate in adventure water sports. However, you can climb the basalt pillars to take pictures and admire the magical scenery of the beach. Photo: Dewey_akkarachinores, mandyccino, lotteri90.
Reynisfjara beach, Iceland.
Perhaps because few people visit so Reynisfjara beach considered a paradise for millions of bird species, including the famous short neck albatross, rare animals are gradually disappearing due to the impact of climate change. Global.

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