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Shanghai has not ever seduced travelers by this fascinating experiences

Shanghai is the largest city in China, not only is it a bustling, modern city but it also fascinates visitors by the romantic beauty of the old streets with diverse cultural treasures and romantic natural landscapes.

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This 24 million-city city has countless charming destinations, but be sure not to miss the landmarks below.
You have countless interesting experiences in this 24 million city.

The Bund

Let's start from the most iconic street in Shanghai, The Bund. Located on the banks of the Huangpu River, this lovely walking area will make you feel like you're in London. When European merchants settled in Shanghai after the Opium War, many opened shops along The Bund, built their buildings in many Western architectural styles. So along the way, you'll come across large buildings with Gothic-style architecture to neoclassical and decorative art.

Discover Shanghai shopping center on Nanjing road

Shanghai shopping center on Nanjing road
Near the northern edge of The Bund, cross the busy Zhongshan East Road to Nanjing Road. This section of eastern Nanjing between the river and People's Square is Shanghai's premier shopping destination, including everything from high-end boutiques to local fine arts craft shops. The section reserved for pedestrians on Nanjing Road will take no more than 20 minutes. If you want to learn more about China's most famous shopping street, choose these famous hot spots:

Shanghai No. 1 department store: A large state-owned department store that sells almost everything from cosmetics to fashion. (This is a very popular shopping place for Shanghai people).

Heng Da Li Watch: Famous store since 1864 specializing in selling high-end watches.

Cai Tong De: A huge 4-storey pharmacy that has been selling traditional Chinese herbs and medicines since 1882.

Shanghai Landmark: Large 10-store department store with over 80 shops and restaurants spread across 25,000 square meters.
People's Square
The People's Square in Shanghai
The People's Square is considered the heart of Shanghai, and is a great place to walk and soak up Shanghai culture. The northern half of the square near Nanjing Road is a very quiet People park with loads of cool greenery. Farther south is the Shanghai Museum, located at the southern edge of the square. It has 11 galleries and 3 exhibition halls of Chinese paintings, ceramics, calligraphy and artifacts.

Have delicious lunch on Huanghe street

delicious lunch on Huanghe street
This is the best culinary street in Shanghai, Huanghe Road. This section includes the most famous restaurants in Shanghai serving everything from specialty food in Shanghai to Western fast food. There is a great variety of restaurants along Huanghe Street. Here are a few best restaurants to try:

Jia Jia Tang Bao: One of Shanghai's top destinations for pork and crab dumplings.

Ming Fu Chongqing  Hot Pot: For those who love spicy food. Serves fiery dishes inspired by the city of Chongqing in Sichuan.

Visiting Lujiazui financial center

 Lujiazui financial center
The center of Shanghai's financial industry is one of the most striking areas of the city. Compared to most of Shanghai's neighborhoods, Lujiazui seems less lively because it is primarily an office area. However, here visitors can recognize the tall Chinese modern architecture that forms one of the most spectacular images. At the buildings, there are observation decks so you can see the whole city from above.

You can choose the Shanghai Tower, the 2nd tallest building in the world with a 118-story observation deck. Or, Shanghai World Financial Center: 2nd tallest observation deck in Shanghai.

Experience ancient Shanghai in Old City

ancient Shanghai in Old City
Shanghai Old City will satisfy visitors with unforgettable experiences. Although the old town has been transformed through the centuries, Old City is still a place that makes visitors feel clearly about an ancient Shanghai. The best way to experience Old City is to take a stroll around the city to see the ancient architecture and interesting landscapes in this place. You can go to the highlights below:

Temple of Gods: The most impressive temple in the ancient city of Shanghai.

Old Town: The bustling shopping area around Yuyuan Garden, with small alleys for pedestrians and countless food stalls with the most famous food in Shanghai.

Huxinting Teahouse: The best tea shop in the old town that specializes in Chinese green, oolong, black and white teas.

Yuyuan Garden: The jewel of the Old City. Designed from the Ming Dynasty with lush green trees and clear lakes and stone gardens.

Xintiandi neighborhood

Xintiandi neighborhood
Xintiandi is a French town that once became a bustling neighborhood with countless fashion boutiques, brands, bars, cafes and restaurants. Xintiandi is definitely one of the best places to hang out in Shanghai. Whether you speak Cantonese, Japanese, Thai, Italian or American, you can address any culinary thirst in Xintiandi. These are the smartest options in this food district.

Simply Thai: A restaurant specializing in serving Thai favorite foods such as tom yum, Massaman beef curry and green chicken curry.

Jardin de Jade: A luxurious Shanghai restaurant with high-class Chinese cuisine.

Aniseed Saigon: A Vietnamese restaurant serving famous Vietnamese dishes such as Pho ( a kind of Vietnamese noodle), spring rolls, and beef noodle soup.

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