Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fat fox village, unique feral cat territory in Japan

If you love animals, Japan is the ideal country to visit when owning pet paradises like fox village, cat island, deer park ...

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The fox village located in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku region
The fox village located in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku region is one of the places where you can see more than 100 foxes playing freely. There are different types of fox such as silver fox, green fox, platinum fox ... This animal is respected in Japan because the local people believe that they have supernatural powers. Many people also consider foxes a lucky symbol because they embody Inari Okami, the god of fertility, prosperity and rice. You can visit and feed the fox for about 5 USD / ticket. Photo: Adorable Animals Tumblr.
The fox village located in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku region
Visitors will be instructed in detail by the staff how to feed the fox. You do not have to worry about your safety if you do not intentionally catch them with your hands. Foxes can attack humans in some cases. However, that only happens when they are short of food. The fox sanctuary is divided into two parts. In the first area, foxes are kept in barns to ensure safety. In the second area, they are free to move around. Many will run back to visitors, eagerly awaiting food, others timider rushing into the bush. Photo: Japan Wireless.

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Cat Island
Cat Island: Japan's Tashirojima Island has become a popular tourist destination for cat lovers. With a population of only about 100 people, this place is often called "cat island". The people of Tashirojima believe that feeding a cat will bring wealth and good luck. Photo: The Atlantic.
Tashirojima Island
There is also a cat shrine and an annual cat photography contest. Visitors who love this pet flock here to be petted and friendly cats without fear of people. Dogs are animals that are forbidden to set foot on the island. Therefore, you should note if you want to take your pet with you. Photo: The Daily Beast.
Alpaca camel farm
Alpaca camel farm
Alpaca camel farm: Nasu is a town in Tochigi Prefecture (Japan). In addition to the beautiful mountain scenery, this place also attracts tourists when owning the Alpaca camel farm. Visitors can easily catch this animal because there are more than 400 camels wandering on the campus. They are very friendly so you are allowed to approach and touch the soft, fluffy fur as cotton/ As grown, their fur may be shaved or shed. Photo: Archive.nyafuu, Visithillsboroughnc.
Deer Park
Deer Park: 4 hours by train from Nagano (Japan), Nara Park is home to more than 1,200 sika deer. According to legend, a god named Takemikazuchi came to the ancient capital of Japan in the form of a white deer to protect this land. That makes this wild animal considered a national treasure, with laws of protection. Photo: The Globe and Mail.
Visitors can easily find deer in the forest, next to the temples, or wherever there is food. Shops around the park sell deer biscuits. Visitors must follow the rules from the management if they want to interact with the deer. They are usually quite gentle but may fight when there is food. However, you must not be neglected because some can be aggressive during mating. Photo: Stripes.

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