Monday, September 30, 2019

Fearing jail for sharing a room before marriage, tourists boycotted Bali

Fearing jail for sharing a room before marriage, tourists boycotted Bali
Bali (Indonesia) is famous as a paradise of resort with classy service and rich scenery. However, the new bill is frightening tourists and make them boycotting Bali.

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The proposal for Indonesia's revised Penal Code has left many tourists bewildered. According to the Daily Telegraph reported on September 21, Jakarta is likely to ban unmarried couples from having sex or staying together on the island of Bali, Indonesia's famous tourist destination.

The bill could also greatly affect the LGBT community because Bali does not recognize gay marriage. Violators are likely to be imprisoned or pay a certain fee.
Fearing jail for sharing a room before marriage, tourists boycotted Bali
Unmarried couples can be punished if having sex or staying together in Bali. Photo: Shutterstock.
If the bill is passed, Bali's tourism industry promises to face a major crisis. On the other hand, this is also the main source of income for the islanders.

Elizabeth Traver, an Australian businessman who runs about 30 villas on the island of Bali, admits she faces many difficulties even though the law has not yet been enacted.

"We have received many requests to cancel the application even though the bill has not been officially passed. Some say they do not dare to go to Bali because they are not married. This law is more damaging to tourism than terrorism or volcanoes.

I have experienced 2 bombings and a few natural disasters. If the government officially passes this bill, I think that will be the end of the tourism industry. The life in Bali we know will be gone, "the businesswoman told Daily Telegraph.

President Joko Widodo has asked the House of Representatives to halt the passage of the bill in front of public opposition. He said he would look carefully and make changes.

Human rights organizations claim that the provisions of the bill violate the rights of women, ethnic minorities, the LGBT community and freedom of speech.

Indonesia is known for its strict legal system. They have uncompromising policies on drug offenses, gambling and adultery.

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