Monday, September 2, 2019

Filipino beaches are closed because of tourist buried diaper into the sand

An area of 100m length on the beach of Boracay Island was forced to close to check the seawater index after Chinese tourists indifferently buried diaper into the sand.

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Video circulating on social media on Aug. 12 showed Chinese tourists buried used diapers in the sand, while another person took their child to the toilet on the beach, causing outrage among the online community. Many call on tourists to respect the nature and environment of Boracay Island.

Following the news, on August 14, the Philippine government announced the closure of an area of 100 m on the beach of Boracay Island for troubleshooting. This place will reopen within 72 hours, depending on the results of the water quality test.
Boracay Island
Local authorities closed 100 m of the beach on August 14. Photo: Hotinfonow.
Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Tourism Minister of the Philippines, said the two women in the video had seriously violated the island's strict rules. Police are trying to track and identify them through travel groups and organizations.

China and Korea are the two countries that make up the majority of tourists to Boracay Island. After the incident, to provide information about prohibited acts while on the island, the Ministry of Tourism will distribute leaflets translated into Korean and Chinese on the plane.

In 2018, Boracay Island was closed for 6 months to recover environmental issues. The President of the Philippines once thought that this place was a "dungeon". If this continues, visitors will not want to visit the island anymore.

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