Not only the Amazon, these forests are also under threat

According to a report by the Nature Conservancy, most of the forest areas below could disappear in 15 years if organizations do not take action to save them in time.

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Congo rainforest, Africa
Congo rainforest, Africa: This is one of the most important wilderness areas, accounting for 20% of the world's rainforest with the highest biodiversity in Africa. However, logging and farming activities are destroying large areas of forest. Photo: World Wild Life.
Borneo Forest, Southeast Asia
Borneo Forest, Southeast Asia: By 2030, this area of tropical forests will only be 33%. The forest fires stem from the need to build palm oil plantations of local residents. Along with deforestation, the El Nino season (the phenomenon of seawater heating up) is unusually dry, making the annual forest area lost increasingly bigger. Photo: Shutterstock.
Cerrado, Brazil
Cerrado, Brazil: This highland region of Brazil, though not as famous as Amazon, is also threatened by conversion to a soy plantation. With more than 150,000 square kilometers of natural cover has been reduced, it's disappearing almost four times faster than Amazon. Photo: Earth Time.
East Africa forest, Africa
East Africa forest, Africa: Most of the area has been overexploited (for timber and firewood) or illegally converted to livestock and crops. Currently, coastal forests of Tanzania and Kenya have decreased to 10% of their original area. Photo: Shutterstock.
Choco - Darien Forest
Choco - Darien Forest: The forests that run along the northwestern coast of the Pacific Ocean are facing pressure from roads, power lines, oil and gas exploitation, and exploration. Most deforestation occurs in Ecuador, but parts of Panama and Colombia are increasingly threatened. Photo: Adrian.
Atlantic Forest, Brazil
Atlantic Forest, Brazil: This area is one of the most biodiverse tropical forests in the world. However, this place is seriously threatened by the conversion to arable land and pasture. The area of forest loss in 2016 has not only doubled compared to the previous year, but is also the largest over the past decade. Photo: Vitormarigo.
East Australia temperate forests
East Australia temperate forests: Deforestation in Queensland and New South Wales is on the rise. The main reason is due to the creation of pastures for livestock. This has had a negative impact on the environment of many of the major wildlife species here, including Koala bears, Opussum weasels, flying squirrels and tree-based birds. Photo: Shutterstock.
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