Golden Bridge in unbelievably beautiful moments

More than 1 year of appearance, up to the present time, the Golden Bridge at the Sun World Resort Ba Na Hills (Da Nang) has always been the must-check in point of all domestic and foreign tourists. Let's take a look at the unbelievably beautiful moments of the bridge that TIME magazine has included in the list of "Top 100 most wonderful destinations in the world in 2018".

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Golden Bridge
This photo was taken by Reuters reporter after a sudden downpour of rain on the Golden Bridge. At that time, the Golden Bridge was very "hot", so the number of tourists visiting the bridge was always overloaded. Taking photos of the Golden Bridge was then a challenge even for the best photographers.

According to the author of the photo, as soon as the Golden Bridge became a "phenomenon" on the online community, he wanted to go to Ba Na to admire first hand this unique project and record beautiful images of the Golden Bridge. To capture this wonderful moment, the author spent the whole day to "ambush" and the picture was taken as soon as the afternoon rain had just ended. Clouds and rainbows suddenly appeared, creating a magical halo on the giant hands of the bridge, making the Golden Bridge become wonderfully beautiful. This moment is considered lucky for the photographers because it is rare for the Golden Bridge to converge such factors as deserted people and such magical nature.

The photo of Reuters immediately received the likes "storm" of the online community. This past June, this photo has also appeared in a photo exhibition named "Mark" and has attracted the attention of numerous art lovers.
Golden Bridge
Many people do not believe this is a real scene in Vietnam. Jason Goh - the photo author, is a tourist from Malaysia. In the series of discoveries in Da Nang, he spent a lot to "review" about Ba Na Hills. And Golden Bridge is the work that impresses him most. “When I arrived, I had to try my best to choose the best angle to take a picture of the bridge, but at that time there were too many people so the photos I took were not satisfied. After that, I bravely found a hidden corner at the end of the bridge and let flycam fly to take photos. The security team in Ba Na promptly reminded me that I could not fly flycam here. But luckily, I was able to catch a few photos, ”Jason Goh honestly shared on his personal page as soon as his beautiful Golden Bridge picture received a“ storm of likes ”on Instagram. Thanks to this photo, the Malaysian guy suddenly became a "celebrity" with up to 25,000 followers after only 2 days.
Golden Bridge
More than a unique architecture, the Golden Bridge is also considered a "stage" for sublimation art. In July 2018, a fashion show called "Walking in the Clouds" by director Long Kan took place at the Golden Bridge. Images of models performing on a bridge shaped like a silk ribbon in the dusky  sky and clouds make many people think of the "fairy-tale place" often seen in fantasy films.
Golden Bridge
Many young people also choose Golden Bridge as a place to mark their love. Early in the morning or at sunset, when the sky is bright or the sea of clouds is fluttering with the rays of the sun at the end of the day on the bridge sparkling with gold glare to create a fanciful beautiful natural picture, that backdrop brings perfectly beautiful wedding photos.
Golden Bridge
For many people, the most beautiful Golden Bridge is at night, the moment when the quiet space and the moonlight shines on each span, which makes many people want to sing the sweet melodies. At this time, the Golden Bridge has become the stage for anyone who comes to see themselves as true artists ...

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