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Goong ten - favorite fresh specialty in Thai cuisine

Goong ten - favorite fresh specialty in Thai cuisine
The spicy sour taste makes living shrimp jump wildly. For many, this dish is "as cruel" as the dish of living octopus in Korean cuisine.

Goong ten - favorite fresh specialty in Thai cuisine
When tiny shrimp soaked in spice, enjoying no longer see fishy. (Source: The Culture Trip)
Thai cuisine is famous in the world for its diverse processing methods, using many spices to stimulate the taste. Thais also like to eat the freshest dishes, ensuring the original flavor. Besides Son Tam living crab salad, see how Thai people "eat raw" shrimp.

Goong ten in Thai means "Jumping shrimp". The food reflects the true name when enjoying, diners will see the shrimp alive, jumping wildly in the mouth. Because "eaten alive" like Korean octopus or Japanese frog sashimi, goong ten is considered a cruel dish.

Goong ten originated from Northeastern Thailand and became a long-standing traditional specialty. Virtually not appearing in luxury restaurants, live shrimp salads are often sold in popular street food stalls, simply from ingredients to cooking.

The main ingredient of the dish is indispensable fresh raw shrimp, accompanied by lemongrass, red onion, chilli lemon, herbs, lemon juice and spices. In many popular restaurants in Thailand, shrimp are dropped into pots of water to freshen, when a customer comes, the cooker just picks up the shrimp and process it.

Traditionally, tiny shrimps are put into small pots, then mixed with chili powder, fresh chili, sugar, lemongrass, chopped red onions, herbs and lemon juice.

The chilli sour sauce sprinkled on fresh shrimp made them jump wildly. Therefore, the cooker has to stir the sauce quickly for shrimp to be fresh and quickly infuse spices. To prevent them from jumping out, normally the mouth of the bowl must be covered with plastic bags. Finally, the salad is poured into banana leaves or phrynium leaves and enjoy right away.

When eating, diners can clearly feel how the shrimp are jumping in the mouth. Although they are still alive no fishy smell because many spicy spices have overwhelmed, leaving only the sweetness of the fresh shrimp. Shrimp salad is often found in small markets or sidewalks, with the taste of each region in Thailand it has a bit of difference but not too much. The price of a goong ten box is about 30 Baht (nearly 23,000 VND) - a very reasonable price for popular delicacies.

It's easy to make, easy to enjoy, but not recommended for children and people with digestive problems. If you are interested in exploring, do not hesitate to experience and ensure health, try the goong ten when coming to Thailand to feel the unique street food here.

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