Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Hanoi streets in autumn captivate people's heart

In Hanoi, when coming in autumn with the autumn winds that fondle vegetation, then with a bit of yellow sunshine scattered all over the streets, with gifts wrapped in aromatic leaves - a gift of Hanoi's autumn - fresh green rice flakes, ... and with the roads covered with yellow leaves, it can not help but makes the soul passionate and wistful.

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Autumn always captivates people's soul not only by the poetic natural scenery but also by the cool weather. You may have been to many countries and regions, but certainly, one thing Hanoi has in its autumn is a very unique beauty that you have never enjoyed and nowhere else have.

Walking on the smooth windy roads

Kim Ma, Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu, Nguyen Du, and Tran Phu streets have long been a popular tourist destination for many tourists coming to Hanoi in the fall.
Hanoi streets in autumn filled yellow leaves.
The streets of Hanoi in autumn bring the beauty of tranquility and strangely quiet.
The road with spacious sidewalks and perennial old trees luxuriant foliages create a green, airy and quiet space in the heart of Hanoi. The road becomes a landscape painting filled with the yellow of falling leaves - a unique beauty of autumn in Hanoi, both creating a romantic and poetic feeling and at the same time creating a sense of tranquility and relaxation in the soul. Whether cycling around the road or walking on the road filled with yellow leaves, everyone's hearts are confused and bewildered.

Afternoon sunset at the windy West Lake

Hanoi when it comes to autumn, watching the sunset of Tay Ho and walking always makes people feel a vague sadness. The gentleness of autumn in Hanoi and the moment the rays of sunlight gradually disappearing in the vast space, against the soaring blue sky, is a splendid picture of nature's transfer moment.
West lake at sunset.
The last rays of sunlight gradually fade out in an autumn day on the West Lake.
Sunset in Tay Ho with cool autumn winds brings a sense of relaxation and freedom after the pressures of work and the chaos of life.

Peace in the Old Quarter every autumn

In the streets of Hanoi when in autumn, the old town is said to be the street still retaining the essence and typical culture of Hanoi people. Going around the old town, you will see the fragrant gifts of the Ha Thanh people every autumn - fresh green rice flakes on the morning goods loads. It is also the scent of ripe dracontomelum in restaurants, yellow daisies with its pure scent.

You will also enjoy the fresh, quiet air in the early morning with the cold breeze blowing softly that come and go quickly. The breath of autumn goes on and on the land of Hanoi gently and slowly, different from a busy and bustling Hanoi on other days.
The ancient Hanoi at old quarter.
In the heart of the busy and bustling city, there is an ancient, olden Hanoi in the old quarter every autumn coming.

The smell of milk flower intensely at the Great Church - Hanoi specialty

When you feel the scent of milk flower blending in the cold wind of the early season, it signals that autumn has arrived.
Milk flower bloom - a feature of Hanoi autumn.
The passionate scent of milk flowers creeps into every corner that makes us unforgettable when talking about Hanoi.
Under the chilly weather of autumn, Hanoi becomes more romantic and poetic with the faint scent of milk flowers. Walk to the front of Hanoi Cathedral, enjoy the scent of milk flowers, you will enjoy the autumn to the fullest with a passion.

In the gentleness of Hanoi when it comes to autumn, the architecture of the Cathedral is more ancient, bringing the beauty of nostalgia, ancient but no less subtle under the decorative lines, shapes that designed under the hands of artisans.

The reed grass season on the historic Long Bien bridge

Autumn in Hanoi makes you flutter with pictures of bold ancient moss style of the historic Long Bien bridge. The bridge appears in the middle of the white blooming reed backdrop romantic but peaceful, quiet in the heart of the bustling and hurried capital. From the bridge, zoom in and out, everything looks like a miniature in your eyes. The scene of boats going up and down on the fertile Red River, looming floating houses on the river under the sunset in the middle field and the scene of the daily people here. The pace of life seemed to slow down and be strangely calm.
Long Bien bridge.
There is a simple, rustic but lyrical and romantic picture in the middle of busy, bustling Hanoi.
In this peaceful setting, the pure white color of the reed blossoms is covered and appears on alluvial grounds. A rustic beauty makes the heart feel peaceful as if you are lost in a rural place. 

Do not ask what does Hanoi has to visit when it comes to autumn because Hanoi autumn is a distinct beauty, a feature that only Hanoi has. So, are you ready to admire the rustic and gentle beauty of a Hanoi when it comes to autumn?

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