Saturday, September 28, 2019

One district in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the best neighborhoods in the world

Wedding (Berlin, Germany)
Based on a combined opinion of experts and more than 27,000 residents, Time Out announces the 50 most interesting areas in the world. District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City is on this list.

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District 3 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
District 3 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam): Statistics from experts as well as 27,000 people from different places, Time Out, the information page about cities around the world, has published 50 great areas. In particular, ranked 18th, District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City is on this list. Located in the city center, District 3 has a modern beauty with busy buildings, commercial centers and famous tourist destinations such as Con Rua Lake, Tan Dinh Church ... In addition, you can visit Nguyen Thuong Hien cuisine street to enjoy the paradise filled with delicious food.
Arroios (Lisbon, Portugal)
Arroios (Lisbon, Portugal): Located in the middle of a large city in Portugal, Arroios of Lisbon capital topped the list of the 50 most wonderful neighborhoods in the world. The area is said to be a multicultural center, a meeting place for street art and food from around the world. Coming here, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy seafood and famous cocktails.
Shimokitazawa (Tokyo, Japan)
Shimokitazawa (Tokyo, Japan): Different from the glamorous, magnificent capital of Japan, Shimokitazawa area is like a dash of dots, bringing a space that is both modern and ancient in the heart of Tokyo. The precious nostalgia hidden in the modern life rhythm is the attraction to this place. Known as the street of young people, this place is famous for the old clothing stores, decorations, cafes, tea rooms, cinemas, drama stages ...
Onikan (Lagos, Nigeria)
Onikan (Lagos, Nigeria): In Onikan district of Lagos, Africa's most populous city, visitors can explore the food market, visit galleries and enjoy rooftop parties. The eclectic style (the style does not follow the previous rules, but there is a mixture of old and new, between the East and the West ...) is a noticeable point in architecture, unique interior decoration here.
Wedding (Berlin, Germany)
Wedding (Berlin, Germany): Wedding in Berlin, Germany, is the focus of bustling markets, traditional drinking facilities and large public spaces. From classic pub experiences to underground art performances, Wedding is the place for you to feel the vibrant, bustling space typical of the German capital.
Hobart waterfront area (Australia)
Hobart waterfront area (Australia): Ranked 6th in the list of 50 most wonderful places in the world, Hobart waterfront area is a famous dining spot of the city. Coming here, you can enjoy the world's top seafood and wine. Eight years ago, the arrival of the Old and New Art Museum (MONA) turned Hobart from a quiet port city into a vibrant cultural destination, attracting visitors from all over.
Pilsen (Chicago, USA)
Pilsen (Chicago, USA): Pilsen is Chicago's most recognizable neighborhood because of its unique murals that create a vibrant public art scene. Traditional music, art, cuisine and nightlife have contributed to making this neighborhood into the great destination list. Forbes also put Pilsen in the top of the most ideal residential areas in the world.

Brief information:
Time Out Magazine was born in 1968, based in London, UK. The magazine specializes in introducing the best food, culture, art, music, theater, travel and entertainment in 315 cities and 58 countries, helping people discover interesting urban cultures from all over the world.

The list of the best neighborhoods in the world is the annual ranking of Time Out, based on the results of the population survey and opinions from experts on criteria of art, culture, cuisine ...

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