Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the top beautiful cities in Asia

With the evaluation criteria of architecture, landscape, and culture, CNN has listed the top of the most beautiful cities in Asia. In particular, the ancient town of Hoi An (Quang Nam) is also on this list.

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Hoi An (Vietnam)
Hoi An (Vietnam): Located on the coast of Central Vietnam, Hoi An ancient town in Quang Nam province is a paradise for photography, cuisine and architecture lovers. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1999. Having been an important commercial center for centuries, Hoi An owns narrow streets with ancient shops and buildings. This tourist destination is also a famous culinary paradise with many delicious dishes such as bread, herb-coated rice paper, white rose dumpling ...
Hoi An (Vietnam)
In early July, Hoi An became a world-class destination when it was the first Vietnamese tourist destination honored by Google Doodle, voted the best city of the year 2019 by Travel and Leisure magazine. This is also where the world's top stars, singers, misses, international actors choose as destinations when they visit Vietnam.
Yufuin (Japan)
Yufuin (Japan): A small town in Oita prefecture on Kyushu island southwest of Japan, Yufuin is famous for its peaceful atmosphere, onsen baths (hot springs), shops with unique architecture, pristine natural scenery ... Tourists can come here to admire the orange-red overwhelmed forest brilliantly in the fall and watch the soft and elegant cherry blossoms when spring comes. Yunotsubo Road is famous for its tea shops and art restaurants. Cheese is a local delicacy.
Vigan (Philippines)
Vigan (Philippines): As one of the best places to experience Spanish colonial architecture in Asia, Vigan City is located on the west coast of Luzon Island, northwestern Philippines. This UNESCO World Heritage City was founded by the Spaniards in 1572. Here, visitors will admire the beautiful baroque buildings around the central square, walk on cobbled streets or turning back time on horse-drawn carriages ...
Kampot (Cambodia)
Kampot (Cambodia): Also in the list of the most beautiful cities in Asia, Kampot town of Kampot province, Cambodia, famous for its romantic river scenery, peaceful pepper farms, fresh rice fields, series of unique temples, caves, waterfalls and colorful French colonial shops on the street. Coming here, visitors can kayak, bike, climb, travel on the river ... Kampot is also a playground for gourmets from traditional Khmer cuisine to vegan dishes ...
Kota Gede (Indonesia)
Kota Gede (Indonesia): The old town of Kota Gede in Yogyakarta is known for its silver industry, small lanes and beautiful architecture from the 15th century. It used to be the headquarters of the Sultanate of Mataram, the last independent kingdom before the island of Java became a Dutch colony. At the time, many wealthy merchants built magnificent Kalang-style houses (closed houses, a mix of Dutch structural elements, traditional Java layouts, and meticulous ornate details) ...
Galle (Sri Lanka)
Galle (Sri Lanka): Located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, Galle town has been an important trading port for centuries. Galle Fort is a relic that exists through three rounds of colonial rule of Portugal, the Netherlands, and England. Today, many old warehouses and shops have been converted into museums, lodging shops, shops, restaurants, and bars. Coming here, you can visit Galle clock tower, Galle lighthouse, Meeran mosque, Sudharmalaya temple ... and participate in surfing, scuba diving, whale watching at Unawatuna beach.
Zhouzhuang (China)
Zhouzhuang (China): Zhouzhuang is said to be the oldest Chinese town. Built over 900 years ago during the Ming and Qing dynasties, the riverside town is as beautiful as a living museum with pictures of ancient Chinese houses on the quiet canals and curved stone bridges. Zhouzhuang possesses many ancient sites, including the 500-year-old Shide and Yong'an double bridges, the Chengxu temple from the 11th century ...
Phuket (Thailand)
Phuket (Thailand): Although most famous for its beaches, Phuket Island of Thailand also gives you many opportunities to explore culture. The historic old town of Phuket Town is located in the center of the island featuring Sino - Colonial architectural shops from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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