The weather is hot, like fire, what is the place of Europe for vacation?

Many European countries are experiencing record sunshine. However, there are still places not affected by the heat wave, which is an ideal place to avoid heat for tourists.

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While Western European countries such as France, Germany ... are experiencing record sunshine with temperatures up to 37 degrees Celsius, in Greenland, the climate is still cool, ideal for travelers who are looking places to avoid hot. According to AccuWeather, the average temperature in the city of Nuuk, Ilulissat (Greenland) is from 7-12 degrees C. These two cities are also tourist attractions in Greenland. One of the experiences you should try when visiting this country is visiting the Jakobshavn glacier with surreal views recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Oymyakon Village (Russia)
Oymyakon Village (Russia) is also a cool place in Europe during the summer. According to the Daily Mail, this village is one of the coldest places in the world with average temperatures in winter from minus 68 degrees C to minus 48 degrees C. In summer, temperatures are around 16-20 degrees C. Guests coming here will enjoy the pleasant weather, immersed in the lives of people in the remote Siberian tundra (Russia).
Instead of hot weather in Germany or France, Iceland is a country you should visit if you want to enjoy the sunless summer. In the days of Western Europe is like a pan of fire, Iceland renders visitors with a cool temperature of only about 11 degrees C. One of the places you cannot miss when visiting Iceland is the Blue Lagoon, where has famous natural hot spring baths in "Iceland". Photo: Emily_hartwig, Kayleighfikejs.
There is no reason to refuse to visit Finland, a peaceful land, always at the top of the list of happy countries in the world. Finland not only owns a pleasant climate but also has many famous tourist destinations such as Lapland - the home of Santa Claus, Suomenlinna island, Joulutori market ... Visitors here also enjoy many unique specialties like reindeer meat, herring, Glogi water ...
Estonia has a mild climate so you can visit this beautiful country at any time of the year. To Estonia, visitors are like stepping into fairy tales when admiring the beauty in the old town of Tallinn, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral ... The small country like the fairyland of Northern Europe is a tourist destination to avoid heat you should not miss this summer.
With pleasant weather, beautiful Nordic countries are always a favorite destination for every tourist believer. Norway is one of the cool paradise you should not miss in the summer. The country possesses many plateaus, islands and fields running along the coast. The best time to visit Norway is from May to August. At this time, the balmy temperature is about 19-23 degrees Celsius, nature blooms, convenient for visitors to participate in outdoor tourism activities.

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