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Immerse yourself in the colors of Hanoi autumn

Have you ever wondered what is special about Hanoi autumn, what it is worth to be repeated countlessly in poetry, literature, and music and used beautiful words to say so!

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At the beginning of the autumn, the north-east wind rushed all over Hanoi, the atmosphere is chilly, the shadow of the yellow trees on the lake began to lose its leaves. The bustling streets as well as slowing down, postpone worries daily to breathe moments of leisurely, peaceful. In the early days of autumn, do you want to travel to Hanoi to experience the autumn of the capital?

What is autumn in Hanoi?

Autumn in Hanoi has many things to please people, from the cool atmosphere through the harsh summer days to become cool. It is the summer harshness that makes people fall in love with the autumn here. From the big streets to small nooks and corners, it also covers the chilly atmosphere, making the soul also comfortable and love life.
Immerse yourself in the colors of Hanoi autumn
The smell of milk flower - a sign that autumn has arrived in Hanoi.
Autumn is also the season of milk flower, the flower season that has gone through many famous songs and poems. The season that musician Trinh Cong Son has compared to the fullness of love, the season of longing. The autumn colors also drag yellow to cover the trees so that a breeze blowing through them will make the leaves fall rustling. The season on the road along the lake is the romantic tree branch, the fragile dew season makes everyone love the new day so strangely.
Immerse yourself in the colors of Hanoi autumn
Green rice- good food for the autumn day.
When it comes to autumn, everyone remembers the ripe dracontomelum and fresh green rice. Gifts that imprinted Hanoi specialties, a gift that reminds you of the taste of Hanoi to the North and the South, a gift that every September until October people miss vaguely.
Immerse yourself in the colors of Hanoi autumn
Dracontomelum is also a dish reminiscent of the Hanoi flavor.

Romantic autumn street

Is it because they like it that people often feel the emotion in every thought, just thinking that Hanoi is the love filling of all the hustle? It is as simple as an autumn rain coming quickly, leaving the sky spacious like it is washed after a hot summer. The roads rise with the smell of moist soil, the smell of people, the scent of flowers weaving along with the breeze. An autumn night after the rain made the familiar small street become gold-plated under the iridescent lights.
Immerse yourself in the colors of Hanoi autumn
Fall on Phan Dinh Phung street.
Early autumn also coincides with the first day of school, the day of the little boys and girls in the hands of their parents on the roads still shrouded in dew. A new atmosphere, a new school year and new friends, new thoughts begin a journey.
Immerse yourself in the colors of Hanoi autumn
A very familiar image.
Autumn comes, streets and Hanoi people seem to have no idea of time. Instead of daily busy,  full love, the romantic atmosphere crept in every activity, every scene of Hanoi. From the narrow alleyway in the middle of the summer, it also becomes cool and warm, from the dazzling sunny street, there is also a bit of cool breeze and golden trees full of glistening.

Certain places to visit in the fall of Hanoi

Old Town

Old Quarter is a famous destination in Hanoi, where when it comes to autumn, it is also decorated with a new dress instead of busy, smelling of stuffy which is the new, slower, cool and feeling of love.
Immerse yourself in the colors of Hanoi autumn
A small corner in the old town also tinted autumn.
Autumn in small streets gradually accustomed to street vendors, with the gift poles of bringing autumn Hanoi to the alleyways. Sitting in cafes in the rain watching the people line to pass by also feel thoroughly autumn taste of Hanoi. The cold wetness also makes the legs longing come home and stop by the warm afternoon tray.

Hoan Kiem lake

To feel the most pronounced autumn when traveling to Hanoi in autumn, Hoan Kiem Lake is a place where you can look, breathe and can capture the nearest moments in autumn. Autumn is located on the road along the lake with romantic mist, autumn lies on branches with falling yellow leaves, autumn lies in the wind and the faint fragrance of milk flower...
Immerse yourself in the colors of Hanoi autumn
Hoan Kiem Lake in the autumn is also very romantic.
Surely everyone has seen the autumn color marked on the romantic branch of the tree in Hoan Kiem Lake. The stone chairs by the lake are a place for dating and watching the autumn passing Ha Thanh. At dawn or at night, the lake is covered with a cool atmosphere that makes people come here to wander feeling the autumn.

Season passing season but autumn is the season that most people remember in Hanoi. When the streets are melodious, the music replaces the sounds of vehicles. That is also the scent of flowers or a little early morning cold. The pole of autumn-flavored gifts such as dracontomelum, green rice or chrysanthemums at the beginning of the season wanders through every corner which scattered the autumn taste all over Hanoi.

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