Monday, September 30, 2019

Incredible surreal scenes in the world's hottest place 'death never sleeps'

Danakil Depression
The Danakil depression is one of the hottest places in the world that is inhabited, due to its strange geology so people still feel lost on the strange planet.

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Danakil Depression
The depression area of Danakil has a different beauty thanks to its special geology. (Source: Atlas & Boots)
The Danakil Depression, located in the Danakil desert in Ethiopia, a country in Africa, is considered one of the hottest places in the world inhabited. This is also a strange land where "death never sleeps".

At this concave area, the annual average temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius, but sometimes it reaches 62 degrees C. Danakil lies about 100 meters below sea level, containing many salt mines and sulfur ores. The terrible heat in the desert caused the water to evaporate quickly, leaving behind salt layers.

Not only the harsh climate, but the geology in this area also makes it look like a strange planet. Walking around, you will find this place is filled with volcanoes with bubbling lava lakes, many hot springs, and salt lakes.

This place also brings together many deadly disasters, from volcanoes, geysers, to earthquakes or toxic super hot water ...

Thanks to its special geology, the Danakil depression has an exotic beauty that is not available everywhere. Sulfur and crystallized salt over the centuries have created bizarre landscapes. Some compare it to the scenery on the moon. However, visitors are always advised to stand away from the brightly colored lakes like Dallol Lake because of its strong acidic water.

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